Atomic Redster X7 Skis FT 12 Grip Walk Bindings 2019

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Atomic Redster X7 Skis FT 12 Grip Walk Bindings 2019

One of the magical things about the Redster X range is the multi radius sidecut and this Atomic Redster X7 is no different. This stiff, responsive and all-round blend of GS (giant slalom) and SL (slalom) is still packing the punch for those skiers who would prefer to aggressively attack those well groomed pistes. The ski is still boasting its snappy Power Wood Core along with a Full sidewall. Putting these together will have you producing tight precise turns at speed. Due to the makeup of the ski, when you exit your turn the ski will naturally, but aggressively, push you into the next. These awesome looking skis are advertised by Atomic themselves as advanced and they definitely aren't for the faint hearted. The harder you ski these beauties the more you feel the response. If you’re looking for that one ski to take out on those days when it's hard packed corduroy piste then these are definitely the weapons to take!

Key Features:

Advanced rider level

100% Camber

Active camber (0/100/0)

Full sidewall

Power woodcore

Titanium powered

Structured topsheet

World cup base finish

Tester’s choice award 2017/18

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