Open Water Swimming

The surface of our planet is apparently 70% water. For many, a 70% exclusion zone, but for an open water swimmer it is an invitation, a cause for celebration and excitement. Exploring the sea, a lake, river or mountain pool is an exhilarating experience. Taking the plunge and getting out of the traditional swimming pool opens up a world of opportunity. The simple pleasure of cooling off after a long walk, to the challenge of a long distance swim or triathlon only hints at the possibilities for both mind and body.

open water swimmer
Open water swimming at Tallington Lakes!

Open Water Swimming

Swimming is a great form of exercise and is the only sport with a true lifesaving potential. You can discover hidden coves, remote waterfalls and get a unique perspective on wildlife. Open water swimming is more than a sport, it soon becomes a habit, a reason to walk the
extra mile for that still pool you know awaits. Itʼs also a social activity, with mass participation swims, raising thousands for charity and
groups of like minded souls coming together for a social swim in a secret and favoured spot. We are also lucky to have some great open water swimming locations in the UK and with the work of people like the Outdoor Swimming Society more sites are becoming accessible.

So what are you waiting for? If you can swim in a traditional pool the transition to open water is not too difficult. If youʼre not very confident get some training or go with more experienced friends you trust. Take your first few swims somewhere like Tallington Lakes,
they have staff on hand to monitor you in the water and spring fed lakes that are regularly tested.

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