Do You Check Your Snow Helmet For Damage

They say “a picture paints a thousand words”. Well this photograph tells you two things. One it’s sensible to wear a snow helmet when you are skiing or snowboarding; and two always regularly check your helmet for damage! I shall explain.

damages snow helmet showing crack
Always check your helmet for damage!

Last season a customer had a fall whilst skiing in France. Nothing horrendous, just a few tumbles, and although they had an achey knee thought nothing more and carried on with their holiday.

As the photograph shows it was a good job they were wearing a helmet. The impact at the back of the helmet, which caused the large crack, most certainly prevented serious, if not life-threatening, injuries from the fall.

However, with such damage sustained by the helmet; another fall could have been catastrophic! If you have a fall, however minor and whether you think you have hit your head or not, always check your helmet for damage.


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