Oakley Fuel Cell Prizm Deep Water Polarised Sunglasses Review

If you are wondering what the new Oakley Prizm Deep Blue Polarised lens is like then look no further. We were lucky enough to try a pair of Fuel Cell’s with the Prizm Deep Water Polarised lens out at the Waterski and Wakeboard School.

Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

The Fuel Cell design has been around for a while. The frames have an wrap-around athletic feel, for full eye protection, whilst looking good for day-to-day wearing. The lightweight O Matter gives the glasses all day comfort and makes them durable. The unique Oakley Three-Point Fit ensures the glass frames only make contact with the bridge of your nose and behind the temple.

The Fuel Cell frame dimensions from Oakley are as follow:
Lens Width 60mm
Bridge Width 19mm
Lens Height 40mm
Temple Arm Length 130mm

So if you know your face dimensions you’ll know if they fit, if not why not pop in store to try them out?

Oakley Prizm Deep Water Polarised Lens

The  Prizm Deep Water Polarised Lenses are perfect for use out on the water as well as walking around on land; unlike the ‘Shallow Water’ version which assumes you are under a canopy and therefore not as dark. Deep Water Prizm technology provide superior control of light transmission; where colours are manipulated to maximise contrast and enhance visibility, for those on the water, by filtering out the blue and enhancing the greens and reds. The Oakley Polaroid technology filters out 99% of reflective glare and haze, which can be a problem when looking at water, to improve clarity further and reduce eye strain from squinting.

As I was wearing them driving the water ski slalom course the water became a dark grey colour with the buoy colours popping into the forefront of my vision. This function not only works when the sun is bright, but also when there is a grey sky overhead. Which is perfect for our ‘British Summers’.

Looking into calm, flat water you almost lose the surface completely; it’s like putting your face into the water with goggles on! When the water was choppy or frequent ripples you could still see colours and outlines of objects deep down.

I don’t usually wear sunglasses because I become aware I’m wearing them and they then feel uncomfortable. These glasses are the complete opposite. I found I could wear them all day and forget they are on my face because your vision isn’t impaired by them in any way.

Thanks Stephen (Water Ski & Wakeboard Boat Driver)

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Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Goggle Review

As a recreational open water swimmer, I dived in at the chance to see what the Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Goggles were like. I was off to Cornwall for a week, and therefore thought the Atlantic was a suitable piece of open water in which to test them!

Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Goggle

Firstly, I have to say, the goggle case is excellent. It’s a hard plastic, goggle shaped case which protects the goggles – so even if you are the sort to chuck them into the bottom of your kit bag the goggles are protected! The goggles, themselves, have a large sealing skirt around the lenses; which I assume is inherited from their sister company’s diving history. The skirt is extremely comfortable and produces a very effective seal; with no leakage. The strap adjustment is simplicity itself, thanks to Aqua Sphere’s Quick-Fit™ one-touch adjustment. The button allows you to easy extend strap, and once in place, the strap can be tightened; with a reassuring click. If over tightened a simple press of the button releases the strap; a click at a time if your quick!

aqua sphere vista swim goggles
So if you looking for some open water swim goggles; I recommend trying Aqua Sphere’s Vista Swim Goggles!

In the water the visibility was excellent (I had clear lenses), as expected from Aqua Sphere’s ‘Wraparound’ 180-degree visibility design. I had no issues with fogging whilst I was in the water, which was about 30 minutes, thanks to the anti-fog coating. The durable polycarbonate lenses have a scratch resistant coating, too, and over the week the lenses stayed clear. They also provide 100% UVA & UVB protection.

As for drag, there is plenty of other aspects of my swimming that need attention before claiming: “my goggles are slowing me down”, so no comment!


I was impressed with the goggles. I was able to adjust the goggles for a perfectly comfortable fit.  As I was swimming in the sea, and on a few occasions was caught by a couple of waves, I was pleased to find the goggles stayed in place and did not leak! Upon leaving the water, and removing the goggles, I was please to find I did not have the red marks associated with having to tighten swim goggles too much to prevent leakage. So if you looking for some open water swim goggles, I recommend trying Aqua Sphere’s Vista Swim Goggles; and at £26.99 they are great value for money!

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