Volcom Draft Shoes Review

We all have that one embarrassing memory of walking on a wet surface, only to end up awkwardly flailing in sheer panic, desperately trying to grab onto anything in arms reach. Sadly though, the final result often leaves us sprawled painfully on the floor, greeted by the laughter of friends, family or anyone lucky enough to have witnessed our misfortune.

Depressingly, I was cursed with being accident prone from birth, so this memory is a reoccurring nightmare for me on a weekly basis due to working as a boat driver and wakeboarding instructor.   

“Should have worn better shoes” a phrase that is frequently repeated to me every time a colleague or kind stranger picks me up from my slip of doom.

Volcom Draft Shoes

I feel the guys at Tallington Lakes Pro Shop were taking pity on me when they offered me the chance to try out these ‘Volcom Draft Shoes’, assuring me that I would never fall again. This is essentially like telling a child they are about to move to Disneyland.

It was love at first sight when I opened the box to these pristine conditioned Volcom’s staring up at me. I have never really been a fan of wearing shoes without socks (be they water shoes or not), but when I discovered these Volcoms are lycra lined for ultimate comfort, I decided to test the theory. If feet could talk, they would be singing with joy. Putting on these shoes is like slipping into pure bliss. I was a little hesitant because the width of my feet are on par with bigfoot, but the lycra lining easily adjusts to the shape of your feet.

According to Volcom’s website:

“The Draft shoe was created for incredible breathability and control… design features laser perforations for steady air flow. Sweat and moisture are quickly dispersed, allowing for rapid drying.”

Thankfully, working on a lake provides me with just about enough water to test Volcom’s “rapid drying” statement. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how rapid the drying truly was.  After fully submerging both feet, the shoes did not become uncomfortable to wear or walk around in – if only they could walk on water, it would make them the perfect shoe.

vplcom draft shoes
It was love at first sight when I opened the box to these pristine conditioned Volcom’s staring up at me.

“Ortholite anti-microbial footbed prevents odors and bacteria from spreading”

Now not only do I have abnormally shaped feet, whenever they get sweaty or wet, the smell that is produced is enough to knock out all forms of life in a 10-metre radius. Therefore, I was pessimistic about Volcoms anti-microbial claim. Once again, I was surprised to find that the shoes were holding the toxic smell at bay. People were willingly approaching me without pinching their nose whilst the squirrels and birds didn’t fall from the trees. 

“Custom rubber trading provides enhanced traction and stability for wet and dry surfaces. Lightweight compression moulded EVA midsole offers lasting comfort for years of non-stop wear.”

Here comes the most important aspect for me. When the decking on the dock becomes wet, it turns into a minefield of banana skins. It’s safe to say at first, I was treading gingerly on egg shells when conducting this test, however as time went by and my confidence in the shoe support grew, I could comfortably walk up and down the decking with ease. I’ve safely arrived at Disneyland folks.

To top it off the shoe comes with an EVA midsole which stands for ‘Ethyl Vinyl Acetate’ which basically means your foot is resting in the VIP section of shoe world.

If you’re after a pair of water shoes/ trainers to use near the water then you would be ‘draft’ not to purchase a pair of these!

Thanks Adam (Boat Driver and Wakeboarding Instructor)





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Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard Review

National Champion Mitch Wise gives us his thoughts on the Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard.

I have been riding a riding a Ronix One Timebomb for the last three years. I feel that this wakeboard is perfect, its lightweight design and three stage rocker makes it super explosive off the wake and very manoeuvrable in the air. The board is so poppy, as soon as you hit the wake it snaps you in to the air. This means that it is easy to get height, and more height means better style and higher intensity tricks are possible.

Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard

The 2017 model has new speed walls and this makes the board fast. When the weather is good or I’m having a good ride this is helpful as it means that there is less resistance on my body. The speed walls make the board fast so small movements mean that the board reacts immediately, this may be useful to beginners trying to edge as the board is very responsive. Also at intermediate and pro levels faster glide speed aids the rider in getting the speed that they need when hitting the wake.

wakeboarder in air behind boat
The board is so poppy, as soon as you hit the wake it snaps you in to the air. This means that it is easy to get height, and more height means better style and higher intensity tricks are possible.

I also find that the board is very forgiving and makes for super soft landings. The board comes with two sets of fins; 0.8 and 1 inch I ride my setup with the 0.8 fins because I prefer the board to track less on the water. However, having two sets of fins allows the performer to be versatile, and customise the way the board rides to suit them.

The one thing that I love most  about the latest One board is that it has an additional strength point in its I-beam construction, this is basically an additional piece of glass wrapped around the core. This makes the board stiffer and stronger, the stiffer board means that It stays strong through the wake and doesn’t absorb any kick from the wake ultimately giving making it easy for the rider to get the height they need. I love it simply because it makes the board feel more hardwearing and stable. The I-beam core in the time bomb also means that the board will resist any damage that comes its way.

The Anodized Midnight colour of the board means that you can look cool out on the water thus enhancing the great feeling of being out on the water.

There’s no other board on the market that is so light, poppy (due to its stiffness) and holds its edges so well. Every year I find the One board getting better and better, I won’t be changing my board any time soon. In my eyes Ronix are ahead of the game in the technology that they are using in their boards and this new time bomb seems to have it all.

Check out Ronix, and other wakeboard brands available at Tallington Lakes Pro Shop.

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