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Sammy is a Kiwi (not Australian) imported snowboard and climbing instructor. Always up for a laugh, or adventure, and aims to give you her most honest and helpful opinion on products!

Roxy Performance Women’s Wetsuit Review

We have a lot of fun water activities here at Tallington Lakes, including wakeboarding and SUPing, and generally speaking – UK weather isn’t exactly the warmest, so I’m pretty grateful that Roxy has hooked me up with a Performance 3/2mm Chest Zip Full Wetsuit!

I’ve worn this wetsuit on multiple occasions and it’s fantastic. I mean, it’s a little long for me, but that’s expected considering I’m only 5ft1… But apart from that, I really have no complaints! We often go out for staff wakeboard sessions in the evening and I try my best to go out for a play during my spare time as well, and I can honestly say I haven’t been cold since starting to wear this Roxy Wetsuit. The 3/2mm thickness is ideal for braving the colder waters, but might be a bit thick for me in the warmer summer months. Not only does it feel good on, it looks it. The cut and colours of this wetsuit are actually rather flattering and make me feel like a badass – not a Christmas ham, like I would normally feel in a wettie.

wakeboarding tallington lakes
We often go out for staff wakeboard sessions in the evening and I can honestly say I haven’t been cold since starting to wear this Roxy Wetsuit.

Roxy Wetsuits

Roxy continues to pioneer the world of women’s wetsuits; their designs are flattering and stylish without sacrificing any of the much needed technology giving you all the performance you want and need from a wetsuit. Initially the chest zip was a tad intimidating, but now I’m used to it, I think it’s better than a normal back zip, plus its free floating zipper technology is coated, with off-set teeth, to minimise water entry. Partner this up with Roxys seam technology, which features GBS stitching, Hydrolock Seam Seal and Redsealseam Technology you’ve got yourself a wetsuit with seams that reduce water entry and leaks using the thinnest, lightest and most flexible seal available.

The F’N lite neoprene is made from limestone derivatives, and is packed with more air cells to increase warmth and decrease weight. In fact, F’N lite neoprene is 16% lighter than Hyperstretch 3.0 neoprene! The Termal Smoothie chest panel is a maximum stretch mesh with an open air structure to act as a wind and water repellent and give you intense heat insulation to keep you warm, even when the water is not. Finally, the Far Infrared Heat Technology thermal lining is Roxy’s warmest and fastest drying lining to date and it’s placed in critical areas to retain body heat meaning you can stay warmer, for longer!

roxy wetsuit obrien wakeboard
The cut and colours of this wetsuit are actually rather flattering and make me feel like a badass – not a Christmas ham, like I would normally feel in a wettie.

Roxy pride themselves on being a brand that represents a new wave of fashion conscious and sport focused woman, and I certainly am a proud owner of the Roxy Performance 3/2mm Chest Zip Full Wetsuit. Not only do I feel confident wearing it, it’s super comfortable and keeps me warm meaning I can play for longer getting the most out of my time in and on the water!

We’ve got the Performance Chest Zip Full Wetsuit in a thicker 4/3mm here at Tallington Lakes Pro Shop, as well as a range of other Roxy wetsuits to meet your needs!

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Falke SK2 Ski Socks Review

Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, you know a full day in boots has the potential to get sore, and really ruin your holiday. Falke want you to enjoy skiing every day – all day, and their socks really show this. The Falke SK2 ski socks feature a medium level of padding in stress zones like your shins and instep for protection and comfort, along with an asymmetric right and left toe box.

I’ve worn my SK2 socks while both skiing and snowboarding on our own dry slope here at Tallington Lakes, and at two different indoor slopes, and I think they are fantastic! All the padded zones aren’t just for looks; I really felt the difference. The padded zones on the shins are really effective for reducing that pressure you can sometimes feel when pushing forward into your boots. With some socks, the padding can cause a bit of rubbing due to how they are knitted, but with Falke’s socks that’s reduced due to the thin terry style knit giving it a softer, less abrasive feel against the skin.

falke sk2 ski sock
All the padded zones aren’t just for looks; I really felt the difference.

I had my ankle reconstructed when I was younger which makes it a lot less flexible than it should be, and some days my ankle feels particularly stiff which mean I really have to force my foot into the boot which can really hurt. Now, I’m not saying these socks removed the issue but I did notice the reinforced instep helped to ease the pain which is really nice!

Once my feet get cold, there’s not really much I can do to save them. I’ve got quite a few different brands of ski/snowboard socks and considering these Falke socks are a merino wool blend, rather than 100% merino like some of my socks, I was pleasantly surprised as to how warm they kept my feet, and how breathable they actually felt! Not only do these ski socks feature the usual merino properties of heat retention, and moisture wicking properties they have merino’s natural odour control, which is ideal if you need to wear them more than once… ‘Cause honestly, whoever says they don’t try get multiple days out of a ski sock is probably lying to you…

Another cool thing about Falke socks is that they also do socks that are designed for snowboarding, with snowboard boots and bindings in mind. So, whether you are a skier or a snowboarder they have designed socks that’ll keep your piggies warm while protecting your shins, ankles and toes from pressure bruising, leaving you to enjoy the day from your morning on piste all the way through to après ski in the evening!

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O’Neill Women’s F.U.Z.E. SuperFreak 3mm 2mm Wetsuit Review.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to an O’Neill wetsuit training day, where I got to learn more about their wetsuits and what sets O’Neill apart from other wetsuit companies. Not only did I learn how each suit is made, and why they are made this way, I got the chance to try a Women’s F.U.Z.E. SuperFreak 3mm 2mm wetsuit for myself while attempting to kneeboard and wakeboard at a cable park. And, the proof really was in the pudding.

I really liked this wetsuit! The training day was held at a cable park, on a typically English day – grey and cold. So, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. I wakeboard behind a boat here at Tallington Lakes, and I usually spend a lot of time in the water, so with never being on a cable I knew I would spend more time in the water than not. After learning about how the suits are made, I know I shouldn’t have been surprised by how warm I was. But, I was. I was even more surprised by the fact I was warmer wearing the wetsuit in the water, than I was wearing my clothes out of it!

O’Neill Women’s F.U.Z.E. SuperFreak 3mm 2mm

The SuperFreak wetsuit is made with a super stretchy UltraFlex DS Neoprene, and stuck together with O’Neill’s glued and blindstitched (GBS) seam construction. The stretchy neoprene means you have unrestricted movement; and because the GBS stitching only goes part way through the neoprene, and is then glued, there is minimal leakage. O’Neill also place additional tape in all areas of excessive stress too, just to make sure! The suit has been designed with ‘seamless paddle zones’ which means that areas such as under the arm are constructed out of one panel. Consequently there are no seams to hinder movement (when paddling) and eliminates rashing; which in my case was a real bonus when I kept falling and having to swim to the lake side…  And, I can see how great this would be when surfing or swimming for extended times.

oneill womens superfreak 3mm 2mm wetsuit
Front and back of the O’Neill Women’s SuperFreak 3mm 2mm wetsuit.

The SuperFreak has yet another one of O’Neill’s tricks, the F.U.Z.E Entry System. F.U.Z.E stands for Front Upper Zip Entry, which basically means what you think; you get into the wetsuit from an opening in the chest. I was pretty intimidated by the concept, but once I tried it, I actually found it easier to get into than the usual back zipped wetsuits. F.U.Z.E follows the same concept of the Patented Z.E.N Zip Entry, where the zip system is added to the suit separately, having the main body of the suit constructed in a way that keeps as much water out as possible.

A few other treats included with this suit are the Krypto Knee Pads, a double Super Seal Neck and a neat little external key pocket on the thigh! The SuperFreak keeps the water out and keeps you warm like no other wetsuit ever offered at this price level. And, I can 100% recommend this, and any of the women’s O’Neill wetsuit, if you are after something comfortable, warm and flexible for these spring and summer months ahead!

Thanks Sammy (Snowboard and Climbing Instructor)

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Oakley Moonlighter Sunglasses Review

So what are the new Oakley Moonlighter sunglasses like? I had the good fortune to try a pair, with Frost frame and Sapphire Iridium lenses.

The Moonlighter’s are a perfect mix of the retro late 80s style, with modern Oakley technology. The frosted frames are not only a cute colour combo with the sapphire coloured lenses, but they are incredibly durable and lightweight due to their stress-resistant O Matter frame material. Comfort and performance is important to Oakley, so they have a unique Three-Point Fit design that holds lenses in precise optical alignment, while their Unobtanium nose pads ensure a snug, and secure fit.

The Sapphire Iridium lens add a cute and bright ‘pop’ of colour to your day, at the same time they protect your eyes from UVs with Plutonite lens material, which filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm. And, like all Oakley eyewear The Moonlighters include High Definition Optics (HDO) which is a collection of patented technologies that allow Oakley eyewear to meet or exceed the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance.

The Moonlighters are designed for a petite face shape measuring at:
Lens Width53 mm
Bridge Width17 mm
Lens Height42 mm
Temple Arm Length139 mm

So if you know your face dimensions, you’ll know if they fit. Or you can pop in-store and try them on!

The more I wore them (and cheekily checked out my reflection) the more I liked them. They fit comfortably on my face, and they certainly made things clearer and reduced the glare/sun strike on our artificial slope. I think the only negative I have about the Frost Sapphire Iridium Moonlighters is that the lenses are not polarized, however, other styles have polarised lenses. Apart from that, I think these shades are pretty neat. And, if you’re someone who wants trend and functionality out of a pair of sunglasses, I would highly recommend you try these out! I mean, they’re cute, lightweight and durable… What more could you want?

Thanks Sammy (Snowboard and Climbing Instructor)


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Roxy Relay Leggings Review

I recently got myself a pair of the Roxy Relay Leggings and it’s safe to say I am in love.

They almost look as good as they feel. The fabric, which is 78% Nylon and 22% Lycra, feels lovely, super lightweight, and breathable. The ones I have are an incredibly in your face bright pink, with what I like to call, black racing stripes and a cute tropical design on the calf. They really stand out. All the Roxy Relay Leggings come in beautiful bright colours and designs, and have reflective tape and a Roxy logo at the bottom of the lower leg. Even better, the colour won’t fade as they are made with Xtra Life Lycra fabric for excellent recovery and colour retention.

roxy leggings two styles
The ones I have, Azalea Stripe (right) are an incredibly in your face bright pink, with what I like to call, black racing stripes and a cute tropical design on the calf. Psychedelic Dream Combo Tomato (left).

Now, I’m not exactly the tallest person with being 5’1” and I usually really struggle with trouser legs being far too long and bunching up around my ankles. Yes, these leggings do bunch around my ankles, but nothing major like most do. Yet, there is enough length that I can say with confidence these would be great on taller girls too.

The fold-over waistband is high enough that you can comfortably exercise without indecently exposing yourself, or have to worry about continuously pulling them up because the waistband also includes Roxy Jacquard Elastic on the inside, and an adjustable tie on the outside to ensure a glove-like fit.

The fabric is thin enough to be quick drying and breathable, yet I wasn’t concerned about them thinning out and being see-through when climbing and abseiling on the climbing tower we have here at Tallington Lakes, which again saved me from embarrassment.  The soft flatlock seams didn’t make me uncomfortable while climbing and hanging in some usually uncomfortable positions which was a huge bonus.

All in all, these leggings are amazing, comfortable, and cute while being incredibly functional. I never thought I would so highly recommend active wear but Roxy have really done well with the Relay Leggings!  At Tallington Lakes Pro Shop we sell the Roxy Relay Leggings in Psychedelic Dream, and I recommend you buy them before I do because they are amazing!

Thanks Sammy (Snowboard and Climbing Instructor)

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