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How to Inflate Towable Inflatables

With the warm weather encouraging us onto the water; here are some words of wisdom about inflating your towable inflatables!

Whether your inflatable tube is new or been in storage it is recommended that you only part inflate your towable inflatable to three-quarters of the recommended pressure to allow the creases in the PVC inner air bladder to expand and even out. This will prevent the creases from bursting/splitting; and spoiling your fun! Not following this procedure may also invalidate your manufactures warranty because seams are only covered.

creased towable inflatable.
Creased towable inflatable.

An hour in the sun should be sufficient for the PVC to uncrease; after which you can fully inflate your tube to the recommend pressure and get out on the water.

Always use an appropriate tow line for the size of tube: single, double or multi-rider; and be safe on the water.

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