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Our Experts Guide To 2015 Season’s Best Snow Jackets

Picked up a ski or snowboard jacket recently and been faced with a list of technical terms which suggest an awesome snow jacket but never known what they mean?

Critically taped seams…check. High waterproof and breathability rating…check. ‘Unique’ insulation technologies…check. Except every good ski jacket boasts these stats, how do you tell them apart?

Critically or fully taped seams?

The difference is determined by the positioning of the waterproof taping. In critically taped seams, the seams which are most critical to the waterproofing of the jacket are sealed; fantastic! But if you want guaranteed protection go for a fully taped seam, such as the Salmon Supernova, where every seam, no matter where it is, is sealed; piece of mind when in grim conditions.

Confused by the waterproof and breathability rating?

Waterproofing is determined by how many millimetres of rain a garment can withstand over 24 hours. Waterproofing is then assured by the sealed taped seams.
Meanwhile breathability is measured in grams and is determined by the number of grams of water vapour, i.e. sweat or condensation, which can pass through a square metre of the fabric over 24 hours. The higher the rating, the lower the humidity build up is.
The two numbers are often compared in order to represent the overall performance of the fabric. Above 10,000 the jacket will keep you dry in all but the severest conditions.

Added extras?

Pit Zips: underarm vents
Gaiters: those little bits of material at the wrists which are tight to the skin limiting exposure to the elements
Insulation: the amount of insulation per square metre, the higher the number, you guessed it… get the highest number you can afford

Of course every reputable technical ski brand boasts their own innovative technology which makes their jacket the best of the best with all reputable brands having the waterproofing/breathability/insulation down to a competitive level. So, to make your life simpler, our instructor’s have picked out the best of the bunch for you, with four of the best 2015 jackets for this season (and 1 sale must have).

Salomon Supernova Red Snow Jacket

All of our instructors recommend the Salomon Supernova Red Snow Jacket 2015, for fit and value for money. While it is a higher end jacket, at £219.99, the Supernova boasts excellent technical ratings which rival any top end jacket. With Advanced Skin Dry fabric technology, 10 000mm/10 000g and Advanced Insulation at 100g/m2, an air vent system with mesh backing and 100% taped seams, as well as a tight, but active fit, this Salomon jacket offers maximum comfort with the technicality to match.

Oakley Nighthawk Biozone Olive Snow Jacket

oakley snow jacket
Oakley snow jacket for skiing or snowboarding

At the top end, we recommend the Oakley Nighthawk Biozone Olive Snow Jacket 2015. At £264.99, this is the jacket at the top of our instructors’ wish list. It is a jacket from Oakley’s Pro Rider range and boasts Oakley’s hydrogauge 15 technology ensuring that this jacket features optimum waterproofing and breathability. What does hydrogauge 15 technology mean, I hear you ask? It ensures that moisture is blocked out while ensuring maximum ventilation. In combination with the in-built BioZone technology, Oakley targets the three essentials for any ski jacket: moisture management, insulation, and comfort. Oakley’s jacket is unique in also offering underarm zip vents with mesh inserts which leads to a custom fit jacket; make your ventilation unique to you! Finally, with the essential critically taped seams, waterproofing is assured.

Volcom’s Shadowhill Thermonite Green Snow Jacket

For a cheaper, yet highly efficient jacket, our instructors recommend Volcom’s Shadowhill Thermonite Green Snow Jacket 2015 at £169.99. Volcom is often overlooked when in competition with the well known makes of Oakley and Helly Hansen. While less technical than its counterparts, the waterproof and breathability rating of 15 000mm/10 000g actually rivals our instructors top choice, the Saloman Supernova, meaning this jacket is not one to be sniffed at. Also boasting 40g low-loft insulation, critically taped seams, and fleece lining, this Volcom jacket ensures a competitive comfort level which can only be rivalled by the top end jackets. With an eye-catching turquoise and lime green colour scheme, this jacket will ensure
that you stand out from the crowd.

O’Neill Women’s Almandine Pink Snow Jacket

oneill womens snow jacket
O’Neill women’s snow jacket for skiing or snowboarding jacket.

And for women? Try our O’Neill Women’s Almandine Pink Snow Jacket 2015. A regular fit, the pink herringbone print fabric has 8 000mm/8 000g waterproofing and breathability. It also includes O’Neill’s new ‘Firewall’ thermal insulator lining. By mapping the warmest parts of the upper body during activity, O’Neill developed area specific insulation to target the parts of the upper body which are most prone to heat loss. This unique firewall technology ensures this cheaper jacket, at £149.99, stands out from the crowd.

Volcom Women’s Clove Black Women’s Ski Jacket.

5) And finally, if you are looking for a sale item that rivals them all, buy Volcom’s Clove Black Women’s Ski Jacket 2013 . Reduced from £174.83 to £87.41, this is an excellent technical jacket with 10 000mm/10 000g waterproofing and breathability and critically taped seams. And while it isn’t ‘this’ season, it has all the technology you need to stay warm and dry on the slopes at a fraction of the price.

Whatever your price range, hopefully this article proves that here at Tallington Lakes Pro Shop we have an outstanding jacket for everyone.

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