Have You Thought About A Hydrophobic Lens Protector For Your GoPro

We have all been there, the soul destroying moment when you plug your SD in and watch what was guaranteed to be the best day of filming, only to find the dreaded water-drop has made an unwelcome appearance, again.

water droplet on lens
Water droplets can ruin your photograph!

Well here is a potential solution! The GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protector greatly reduces splash marks and scratches, using patented technology to repel even the dirtiest water droplets, so you can capture outstanding recordings, even in the worst of conditions. The adhesive protector features:

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Fingerprint/Oil Resistant
  • Long lasting Hydrophobic Properties
  • Perfect Clarity
  • Easy to Apply
  • Fully Submersible

Perfect for any extreme-sport, owing to its silicon based adhesive it is also fully submersible whilst retaining long lasting hydrophobic protection.

So why not give the GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protector for your GoPro® Hero (3, 3+ & 4)  a GO!

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