I suffer from cold feet when skiing, why is this?

There is nothing worse than getting cold feet when you’re skiing; we’ve all been there, sat on a chair lift, and all you can think about is how cold your feet are. It can stop you from enjoying your skiing, because all you to do is get inside and warm up!

Suffering from cold feet when skiing is very common, and it could be the result of a combination of a number of things.

teko ski socks
There is good reason to wear proper ski socks!

Your choice of socks is very important when skiing. Make sure you only wear ski specific socks, don’t wear cotton socks. The moisture will not wick away from your feet, so if your feet perspire and your feet get wet, they will not dry and they will get cold.

How many pairs of socks are you wearing when skiing? It’s not uncommon for people, who suffer from cold feet, to decide to wear a couple of pairs of socks – well it does make sense, doesn’t it? The more layers you wear, the warmer you’ll be, so naturally you would think wearing 2 or 3 pairs of socks will keep your feet warmer. This is a common misconception; because your boots will be tighter and this won’t allow the blood to circulate properly making your feet cold.

On that point;  even when you’re just wearing one pair of socks, don’t do your boots up too tight. It’s very tempting, especially when you’re hiring ski boots that may not be the best fitting boot, but this will distort the boots and again will stop the blood from circulating causing your feet to get cold.

And remember if you are sat on the chairlift and your feet are starting to feel cold; give them a little wiggle inside your boots to get the blood flowing!


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