liquid force peak wakeboard

Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard Review By Jack Battleday

Over the last couple of weeks I have been riding the Liquid Force Peak 141cm wakeboard. I really enjoyed riding this board for so many different reasons.

The Peak has an all wood core which means it can be made thinner than hybrid boards, but still maintains its strength and in my opinion is one of the strongest boards out there. Because it’s thinner it also means that it’s a lot lighter which makes it super poppy for Ollie’ing onto obstacles and is great for air tricks.

I found that when I was riding it, it felt a lot more flexy and responsive in the tip and tail than other boards I had ridden before. It has edge channels and a centre concave on the base of the board. The edge channels mean you can ride without the fins and still have good control and hold on the water.

One thing I really noticed was how soft the landings off kickers were. I’m always cautious about hurting my knees when going big off kickers, but when riding the Peak the landings felt really soft and controlled. This is down to the centre concave which is a really good design in the board.

Overall I really enjoyed riding The Liquid Force Peak wakeboard and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is starting to hit the rails at the park all the way through to advanced.

Thanks Jack!

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