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Mons Royal Merino Wool Base Layers

Mons Royale is from Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Lake Wanaka is one of the adventure capitals of New Zealand, with anything from winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding to summer activities such as mountain biking. And a good Merino wool thermal base layer is advisable with any of these sports.

However rather than just sticking to looking at just the performance of the thermals, like some of the other brands, Mons Royale wanted to create a base layer that, as well as having the performance, had a look and style for everyday use. Who’d have thought – cool thermals!

drums of merino wool
Merino wool has many qualities!

So why all the fuss about Merino Wool?

Mons Royale uses merino wool because it has many qualities, suitable for a baselayer:
It’s soft on your skin. Merino wool is finer than traditional wool which therefore makes it softer on your skin.
It keeps you warm, even when it’s wet, and breathable. The wool has a natural crimp which provides superior insulation and breathability.
It can help regulate your body temperature. Merino wool has the ability to ‘wick’ away moisture which will help regulate your temperature.
It dries quickly.
It doesn’t stink; you can wear it for longer before washing. The natural antibacterial properties of the wool means that it resists odour build up by locking the molecules in the fibre and releasing it when it’s washed.

So there you have it; performance thermals that look good – so 30 million sheep say! To check stock of Mons Royale thermals, please click here.

Thanks Molly (Chief Instructor Snow)

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