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Oakley Prizm Snow Goggle Lens

Oakley is renowned for their excellent technological heritage, extensive range, and high performance eyewear. Looking for a new snow goggle for this season? Consider the Oakley snow goggles which boast their new Prizm lens technology.

Prizm lenses are sport specific and work by dampening interfering light spectrums, as well as reducing the overall amount of total light. The result? Contours become clearer and sharper. Prizm technology is used across a wide variety of the Oakley sport specific glasses and goggles, the light spectrum is altered according to the sport in question.

Sound complicated? That’s because it is, hence 15 years of staged technological developments; the culmination being the 2014 release of Prizm. Take the white light which the slope reflects as an example. White light combines equal parts of the colour spectrum, yet our eye is particularly sensitive to the blue and orange light. Prizm filters the blue and orange light, enhancing them and thus ensuring that the rugged beauty of the slope is clearer; fantastic news for every skier/snowboarder. With Prizm technology, by tackling low-lighting and the dangers inherent in the natural contours of the mountainside, your reactions increase with your visual confidence ensuring that you become a safer and more effective rider.

Prizm ensures that the practical benefits of wearing goggles are maintained with the additional benefit of excellent vision. And if these are not factors which entice you, Prizm lenses are proven to reduce eye fatigue ensuring you are able to ski/snowboard as long as you want.

These lenses will revolutionise your experience on the slopes, as well as reinforcing Oakley’s brand reputation. Prizm means clarity, no fatigue, and photographic visuals which will keep you coming back to the snow for more. Oakley has conquered a 15 year struggle, finessing the untameable light wavelengths ensuring these lenses are the best on the market.

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