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Power Plate For Improved Skiing Performance

If you’ve not heard about Power Plate; its the ‘whole body vibration technology’ that helps fitness levels, including skiing!

Vibration Exercise

The advantages that can be gained from vibration exercise has been known for many years, but what does it actually do?  Our American cousins were the pioneers of vibration exercise during the space race.  This period in history saw the US and USSR competing for dominance in space.  As the periods of time in zero gravity got longer, so did the noticeable side effects on the human body.  A loss of muscle tissue, balance and co-ordination.  What was the answer?  Conventional exercise equipment is useless in a zero gravity environment.

The introduction of vibration exercise by NASA saw an end to these side effects.

power plate plank exercise
The Plank. The old favourite core exercise. A tough exercise even on the floor, but on the Power Plate it hits the core even more effectively. Core strength is vital for skiing.

Around 2005, some `bright spark` thought, this would work well in the fitness industry!  So it started.  Now we have everyone from actors, singers, professional sports people and average Joes.  The principle is simple.  The vibration will activate three times more muscle fibre than conventional exercise.  When done properly, this is a deceivingly hard training concept.  It can be used effectively by sports people to enhance performance.

Power Plate Exercises For Skiing

We spoke to Harvey at Universal Fitness Centre, Bourne, about using the Power Plate for skiers! He said:

“During December, January and February we see a massive increase in the use of the gym by people going on skiing holidays, and we have used the Power Plate to assist in their preparation. You will still need to address your cardiovascular needs, for skiing, but the Power Plate will strengthen the lower body and core ready for those downhill slopes. Here are two of the many exercises you can do!

power plate squat exercise
Free Standing Squat. Although in this picture I am adopting a sort of skiing position, it is still a squat. Getting used to being in this position for skiers is not a bad thing, but it is essentially a squat. Working the quadriceps, hamstrings and core.

If you think this could be helpful to you, before going on your next skiing trip, why not book a free 50 minute Power Plate induction. Just call the Universal Fitness Centre, Bourne on 01778 422424 and quote TLPP16.

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