What Size Water Ski Do I Need?

This guide will help you decide what size water ski you will need to get the best from your water skiing!

The size of water ski will depend upon your weight, height and ability. For example if a water skier was on a ski that was too small and skiing at a slow speed; the ski would not support them and they would start to sink. Likewise if the ski is too large the ski will sit high on the water and it will take too long to turn.

The width of the water ski can make a big difference too; as a general rule (but not in all cases) a wider water ski is suited to helping people learn and develop their water skiing because it helps them get up on top of the water.

Water Ski Sizing

The table below should be used a guideline in purchasing your water ski, but with most things it is not an exact science. If you need any assistance please call 01778 381154 and ask for #Brown.

26-30 mph 30-34 mph 34-36 mph
80-110 lbs 63-64″ 62-64″
95-120 lbs 65-66″ 63-64″ 63-64″
115-140 lbs 65-66″ 63-64″ 63-64″
135-160 lbs 67-68″ 65-66″ 65-66″
155-180 lbs 69″ 67-68″ 67-68″
175-200 lbs 69″ 69″ 67-68″
195-220 lbs 72″ 69″ 69″
215 lbs and up 72″ 72″ 72″
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