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What Are Stretchy Boardshorts?

Board shorts, trunks, swim shorts, boardies, surf trunks, jammers, swim trunks; you can call them what you want but at the end of the day if its performance and comfort you crave then stretchy boardshorts are the answer!

Obviously if you are just sunbathing the only requirement of your boardshorts is they look good! However if you participating in a watersport activity such as wakeboarding, water skiing or surfing you be expecting a bit more from your boardies.

Stretchy Boardshorts

Unlike traditional board shorts made from 100% polyester, the latest boardies are typically polyester mixed with between 5-15% elastane, spandex or lycra. This allows the material to stretch and gives a greater range of movement. The amount of stretch varies and generally the more you pay the more stretch you get; so how much stretch do you get?

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2-Way Stretch

This allows for stretch in only one directional plane and will provide comfort and movement for those on a tighter budget. Check out the Hurley Surface boardshort.

4-way stretch

Multi-direction stretch for a free feeling; these boardshort will move with you whatever direction you take. This is the benchmark in stretch fabrics, providing ultimate performance and comfort. Check out the Ripcurl Mirage or Hurley Phantom boardies.

6 way stretch

Don’t worry these will not contort you into positions you don’t want to be! Generally these board shorts will comprise of different panels of 2-way and 4-way stretch material. Not sure whether this better than 4-way; but generally the front panel may be 2-way while the back 4-way! Check out the Volcom V6 Pixelator shorts.

Other features may include hydrophobic coatings. Yes you are in water, so of course your shorts are going to get wet, but they don’t have to stay that way. A Hydrophobic coating on the material means that it doesn’t hold onto as much water, so once you are out of the water they dry much faster. Taped seams are more durable and provide a chafe free seam for superb long lasting comfort, such as the O’Neill Hydro Freak boardshorts.

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