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What Shape Wakeboard Rocker Do I Need; Continuous or 3 Stage Rocker?

Since wakeboarding was conceived around 20 years ago there have been mainly two shapes of wakeboard available on the market; a continuous rocker and a 3-stage rocker. So firstly what are they?

Well in order to see these different wakeboard profiles you must look down the edge of the board.

Continuous Rocker

A continuous rocker is like it says on the tin; a continuous arc from tip to tail which gives a predictable fast release off the wake, allowing riders to carry plenty of distance over the wake. We are not suggesting these boards are for beginners but they will certainly help you carry your speed and distance over the wake. A super progressive shape to allow riders to improve their skills.

Liquid Force Super Trip wakeboard with a continuous rocker.
Liquid Force Super Trip wakeboard with a continuous rocker.

3 Stage Rocker

So onto the so called 3-stage rocker; these do literally come in many different shapes and sizes as each brand has their own play on this shape: from late rocker to 5-stage they are just a variation. The traditional 3-stage shape gives the rider increased pop and power off the wake. No matter how small or big the boat you are towed behind; this will give you maximum height for the biggest tricks. Just be warned however these boards have been known to be a little slower over the water.

Ronix One Modello a with 3-stage/late rocker.
Ronix One Modello a with 3-stage/late rocker.

Both of these have obviously been doing just fine and many wakeboarders are quite happy with them, however, companies keep on developing and pushing the sport even further with the latest technology. Ronix have some new boards the Bandwagon and Parks which are cambered. This offers a balanced feeling of snap through both legs off the wake, without sacrificing any speed. Liquid Force have the progressive 5 stage rocker which helps to minimise speed loss on the water by having two rocker zones either end of the wakeboard.

For those who rider cable parks the continuous rocker will give more speed, and the 3-stage rocker more pop!

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