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Arbor Fish AC 39” Skateboard Review

As an avid skateboarder, as a kid, I was looking to reviewing the Arbor Fish AC 39” Skateboard.  Long gone are the days of kick flips and concrete half pipes, instead my board of choice is on the snow. However, in the summer months I need something to fill the gap left by the lack of snow on the hills, and I feel like I may have found that something.

Arbor Fish AC 39” Skateboard

The first difference between the Arbor Fish and my old trick skateboards is the length – measuring at 39”, in comparison with the 28” lengths of my old boards. Instantly the extra length gives a much more stable ride, and therefore an overall more enjoyable experience as I’m not in constant fear of falling onto concrete at high speeds.

The large Sucrose Initiative Mosh Series Wheels are super smooth, and give an effortless ride even on brick-laid pavements. They absorb all the small bumps and pebbles, and the bearings make one push last what seems forever. The wheels are softer than the trick skateboard’s, making your cruise silent, compared to the extremely loud trick wheels. This also means heads won’t be turning and pointing their annoyed expressions your way as you ride by.

arbor skateboard with lake in background
The Arbor Fish skateboards don’t have a nose or tail like a traditional skateboard, which can take some getting used to.

The Fish skateboards don’t have a nose or tail like a traditional skateboard, which can take some getting used to. Rather than using the tail to control direction, leaning from side to side changes the direction of the trucks and wheels. It gives your ride a much surfier, snowboarding feel, which would explain why I personally enjoy it so much.

The Arbor skateboards are available with a range of unique artwork – the Photo Collection, Artist Collection, and Bamboo Collection to name a few. A number of the boards have Lucid Grip in place of the traditional black grip tape. Lucid Grip is clear grip, made of crushed recycled glass which is sprayed on the board, giving a natural wood appearance. So basically they look awesome too, as well as being extremely well-made, solid skateboards.

Thanks Jake (Snowboard, Skiing and Climbing Instructor)

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