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CAPiTA ‘Children of the Gnar’ Snowboard Review

This review will let you know what’s great about this CAPiTA snowboard, what’s not so good about this snowboard and everything in between.  Stick with me as I explain what riding this snowboard feels like and how it performs when compared to other snowboards I’ve ridden.

Pop Jumps

Since I have started riding this snowboard, I have instantly gained confidence and have been able to complete/learn new tricks. In addition this snowboard is absolutely amazing for Ollys and Nollys. It has made it so much easier to do spins and tricks over little bumps and kickers in the park. The slight camber structure makes me pop like a boss plus I feel more stable in the air and when I land.


It might just be that it is brand new but I feel the edges and side cut work better than previous snowboards; which makes it easier to carve and get low. With this factor I am now hugging the snow while I do a mahoosive ‘Euro Carves’ across the slope. The edge to edge transition feels so much easier and I end up going as fast as a mouse trying to escape a cat.


When you are jibbing, you can really see how good the board actually is. It is so easy to pop up onto the rail or box. The snowboard feels solid and stable on rails but the best part of the jibbing factor is the amount of height you can get on the features; so not only can you pop with ease but you can get tons of height with ease as well. 


The graphics on this board are proper gnarly.  All sizes have the same sort of design on the top sheet and all of them are super rad.  I love the skulls on the base best.  The black on the top sheet makes it hard for my stickers to stand out though 😊.

My Snowboard Set-Up

I ride with Burton Cartel bindings on my CAPiTA board.  The flex is just right to get the most out of the board and they are super comfy too.  Overall I’d rate this board as a 4.5 out of 5, and I’d definitely recommend it for young riders wanting to progress their game.  It’s totally rad!  I’ve rated the board in different aspects so I’ll take the best and worst factors from each area:

  • Pop Jumps:                Best – plenty of pop and height you get from this snowboard. Worst – none. 5 out of 5
  • Carving                      Best – stability through aggressive turns. Worst – none. 5 out of 5
  • Jibbing                       Best – solid feel over features. Worst – none. 5 out of 5
  • Graphics:                   Best – proper gnarly. Worst – can’t see some of my stickers. 4 out of 5

Thanks Ollie

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CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard Review

Capita’s 2018 Space Metal Fantasy snowboard is a superb little snowboard; and absolutely great for its price. This snowboard is ideal for someone who enjoys playing around in the park, popping off kickers, and just all round mountain fun. The reverse camber allows the rider to do jumps with ease whilst at the same time floating in powder surprisingly well for its size.

I am particularly fond of the graphics on the 2018 edition; with the dove on a spacey backdrop. The glittery-shimmer throughout the board really sparkles, on those bright bluebird days, giving it that real ‘space fantasy’ feel; and will no doubt catch people’s eyes. 

snowboarder getting air
The glittery-shimmer throughout the board really sparkles, on those bright bluebird days, giving it that real ‘space fantasy’ feel; and will no doubt catch people’s eyes. 

With a 4/10 flex rating the Space Metal Fantasy is super soft for that flexible and playful feel, great for pressing; and turning with ease. Its especially great at jibbing! 

Although it is an all mountain board, and isn’t known to be the best for speed and carving, I personally came across no problems when carving at speed. 

Being a flexible board it is fairly forgiving over those uneven surfaces and even coped well down the mogully ‘Swiss Wall’!

Overall the Space Metal Fantasy is a great board for those intermediate riders looking to take their riding to the next level

Thanks Jess (Snowboard & Ski Instructor) Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather