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How To Film Skiing With A GoPro?

The innovations in point of view (POV) cameras in the last five years have changed the way we are able to capture our favourite action sports. However it seems sometimes that the footage people get from there action camera doesn’t quite live up to there expectations. I thought I would write a short blog on how to film skiing with a GoPro and get the professional looking results you are hoping for.

The first step in making a great edit is having a clear idea of the shots and footage you want before even leaving the house. The gift and the curse of POV cameras is that they are capable of shooting anywhere and anything, this means we can end up with hours of footage on the memory card much which will never be used or even replayed. Having a concise vision of what you want to film can save hours of trawling through your memory card waiting for a useable shot. Angles to shoot from are endless with a GoPro but where they excel is from a close intimate angle as the fish eye lens captures images at such a wide angle. With this in mind the key to getting consistently good results is making sure the camera is close to the point of action you are trying to capture. This can be achieved by the huge variety of GoPro mounts which are available and allow you to self film but is more critical if you filming somebody else.

So once you have a clear idea in your head you can go out and get the shots you want this is where a basic understanding of the camera settings comes into play. The latest GoPros are able to shoot at 120 fps (frames per second) in 1080HD or 60 fps in 4K however there are a variety of different shooting modes beneath these. So what setting should you use when, basically the highest quality shot will require shooting in 1080HD or 4K on the newest models. This setting will mean the cameras is taking in the most information it can,providing the highest image quality when replayed. However shooting in this mode means you will compromise the fps rate. This is where having an idea of what you want to achieve is important. The higher the frame rate the better the quality if you want to slow the shot down, so to achieve that super slow motion effect used so often in GoPro videos you need to be shooting in the highest frame rate – ideally anything above 60 fps will you good results when slowed down.

In regards to getting the best results in slow motion there are a couple of things to consider when actually filming. Firstly try and keep ‘camera shake‘ to a minimum; there are a vast selection of accessories to help with this from pole mounts to tripods. I recommend making the small investment as it will really improve the quality of your images. Secondly reducing the ‘background’ noise in the frame means it is easier for editing software to link the frames when slowed down. So try to film the action with a blank background for example if someone is doing a jump try to make the backdrop the sky this will result in smoother images when slowed down.

A final thought in regards to getting the most from your GoPro is choosing the days you film and how you film. If you look at any of the professional GoPro clips online you will see a common theme they are all shot on the brightest days. The images on these days will always have better contrast and will really come alive on your screen. However skiing isn’t always blue skies and sunshine if you do end up wanting to capture that epic white out powder day you will need to do some after editing. To achieve that same definition in your images you will need to increase both contrast and saturation whilst reducing exposure. The free GoPro Studio is a great bit of software to start learning the basics of editing and improve your film making skills. It also has fantastic compressor which will reduce the final file size of your edits, due to the quality of GoPro footage quite often files can be large so this a great feature especially if you like sharing you edits on social media.

Hope this has been useful and you enjoy going out and capturing your next big adventure!

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What GoPro do I need? A Buyers Guide

Whether you want to capture some extreme sports footage or family days out at the beach, a GoPro action camera could suit all of your needs but choosing what package or accessories to accompany your purchase can be a daunting prospect with the wide variety of options available. So what GoPro do I need? This guide will provide you with all the necessary ‘nuts and bolts’ to make an informed decision to pick that perfect package.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a GoPro, ultimately the decision is purely subjective and based on a few bits of key information:

  1. Budget?
  2. What are your performance requirements?
  3. Conditions and Environment mainly used?

This guide will focus on the newest range of GoPros as the new features found in the Hero 4 Black and Silver edition plus the Hero should not to be missed.

Budget ?

As with any new purchase budget is the most important factor. These following GoPros are the newest editions to their existing range and you would think all have a high price tag to match, but no! The new Hero is the most affordable entry level action camera yet. Whereas the Hero 4 Black and Silver feature higher specs so the prices inevitably follow this:

Hero 4 Black  – £409.99

Hero 4 Silver – £329.99

Hero                     – £109.99

What are your performance requirements?

What you want from your camera in regards to image quality and features quickly follows budget, as its important in not only choosing a GoPro that meets your requirements but doesn’t exceed them if not necessary as you could find yourself spending more money than you need to, which could be better spent on accessories.

When it comes to filming or photography would you class yourself as a professional or amateur? The answer to this simple question will help steer you in the right direction to picking that perfect camera.

GoPro Hero

This new entry level camera the ‘Hero’ is perfect for beginners and amateurs who are looking for that step onto the ladder into the action camera world helping people to capture and share their life events around the world.

The Hero is a simplified version of its bigger brother the Hero 3 White but still delivers amazing results and features to get you started in the world of mountable cameras. Visit tallingtonlakesproshop.com for more details about the GoPro Hero.

Hero 4 Silver

The mid ranged camera in terms of spec the Hero 4 Silver will appeal to the amateur who wants more from their camera, this year it has much more in common with the Hero 3+ Black and the Hero 4 Black. The Hero 4 Silver has been given upgraded components and numerous new recording features found in the Hero 4 Black.

Not wanting basic features found in the Hero, or don’t need professional quality images the Hero 4 Silver could be the perfect match for you.

gopro hero4 black action camera
GoPro Hero4 Black for the avid enthusiast or professional photographer.

Hero 4 Black

One for your avid enthusiasts or professional photographer, the Hero 4 Black is finally here and features technology that makes this an unbeatable camera for both build and picture quality. The processors now give twice the power of previous editions with the ability to film cinema quality 4K video.

This is certainly the go to action camera if quality and performance is what you seek.

Conditions and Environment mainly used in?

After choosing what model of GoPro you want it’s important to understand what mounts and housing you get with the standard edition. Whether its surfing, skiing, cycling the GoPro is protected by its own sealed housing, which is waterproof to 40m and impact resistant, giving your camera the best protection available perfect for a variety of extreme sports.

For times when a waterproof housing is overkill simply remove your camera (except Hero) and start filming, this gives you better sound quality and reduction in weight ideal for time-lapse photography or for some inside filming around the dinner table, no matter the condition or environment GoPro has you covered.

skier using gopro
Mount and protect your GoPro whatever the activity!

Standard Edition Hero 4 Black/Silver/Hero

Ideal for a wide range of applications where specific mounts or housings are not needed, this is a perfect starter bundle to get you filming some amazing footage.
Standard Housing
Skeleton backdoor
Touch backdoor (Only available with Hero 4 Silver)
Rechargeable battery
Curved and flat adhesive mounts
Quick release buckles
3 Way pivot arm (Not available with Hero)
USB cable

Note. For you music lovers, the only addition to not have a waterproof housing as standard is the music edition, but if you find a situation which requires additional equipment you then have the opportunity to kit you new Go Pro out with the vast range of unique and exciting accessories.

GoPro Accessories

The new models of GoPro are so versatile they can be used and mounted in a variety of situations, but certain mounts and accessories don’t come in the bundles. Below is a handpicked list of items we feel are important to get along with your camera especially if you like a mix of action and water sports.

Battery Bacpac

For situations where you need a little extra juice, the Bacpac is a removable battery pack that seamlessly attaches to the rear of your GoPro. The new model now features a 15% increase in battery life perfect for a long days recording.

Pole Mount

For situations when you need to mount your camera to a ski pole, handlebar, kite control bar or seat posts, suitable for a thickness between 1.9cm – 3.5cm. Also comes with a pivoting orientation arm to give you 3-way adjustability.

The chest harness lets you look at things from a different perspective!

Chest Harness

Ideal when you need both hands free and no other mounting point such as a helmet is available or you just want a lower view of the action, the chest mount makes it easy to capture footage where ever your turn. Come with a wide range of adjustability to suit all sizes.

Floaty Backdoor

After all you wouldn’t want your new GoPro sinking whilst out on the water so why not attach the Floaty Backdoor. It’s quick and simple to attach coming standard with extra strong 3M adhesive glue.

Anti Fog Inserts

Even though the housings are completely waterproof fogging can sometimes occur in extreme cold or humid environments, by placing an anti fog insert inside your housing this fogging is prevent ensuring hours of uninterrupted filming. Each set lasts 4-5 times and can be dry in an oven.

In conclusion no matter what GoPro and accessories you decide to go with you will not be disappointed with quality and whether it’s the Hero or Hero 4 Black/Silver. If you need any more help give us a call and speak with our experienced staff. You can buy GoPro cameras, mounts and accessories form the Tallington Lakes Pro Shop.

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