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Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard Review By Jorge Gill

I have been riding Harley Clifford‘s signature board, the Liquid Force Remedy, for the last 4 seasons. It has served me very well over the years, and it’s never let me down. I would say it’s perfect for my riding style, so when I heard that Liquid Force were going to release a new Harley board in 2015 called the ‘Harley Remedy’ I was very interested to see how different it would be: how fast, how much pop, etc.

I first got to ride the Remedy last September just before the 2014 European Championships in Portugal, I didn’t get much time on it and didn’t want to risk riding it at the event but I could tell it was going to be good because I was getting huge pop off it straight away.

I spoke to Harley about about it when I was over riding at the IWWF World Cup in Australia in February, I think he was wondering why I wasn’t riding it yet. The next time I got to ride it was in May and it didn’t disappoint, what a ride! Once you get used to it ( it won’t take long) you will get a lot more air and it’s very responsive. It has split tip ends which give you epic lift off the wake but you still feel in total control and it’s very fast. With a new shape it would normally take me a couple of sets to get going, but with the Remedy I was banging out all my tricks straight away and it felt easier and they felt bigger.

I love riding it; its so much fun and it also looks awesome. I highly recommend the Harley Remedy to anyone who wants to take their riding to the next level, including those who currently ride Harley’s older model.

Thanks to Jorge Gill 2014 British National Champion 2014 European Champion – Junior Men

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