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Fits Like A Glove (Or Mitt)! 

Whether you are cruising on corduroy, lapping the park or shredding powder, a decent pair of gloves or mittens is essential for keeping warm as your hands are usually the first thing to get cold on the hill. 

For many people, choosing between gloves or mittens is down to personal preference. Gloves will give you a bit more dexterity for picking up your poles or putting your goggles on, while mittens tend to be warmer than gloves as your fingers produce more body heat when next to each other. If you are unsure my advise would be to try both types on and if you are a skier hold a ski pole to see which feels more comfortable and gives you a nice grip. 

The key things to consider before purchasing either models are the specifications. Do they fit well? How waterproof are they? Are they windproof and breathable? 

To stop your fingers from freezing, it is important to get a pair which fits. If you go too small and your fingers are pressing on the end the cold will sooner seep into your finger tips and moisture is more likely to get inside the lining. If you go too big there will be a lot of space to fill with wasted body heat and you’ll lose some dexterity with the extra material. I would recommend trying a few on to get the best fitting pair. 

One of the most important features to look at is the waterproof rating because no matter how insulated your gloves are, if your hands get wet there is no stopping them getting cold. (This is even more important for snowboarders who tend to have more frequent hand contact with the snow). Most waterproof ratings for snow wear will range between 5,000ml and 20,000ml. I would advise an absolute minimum of 5K which will give you only some resistance to water. 10K plus for general conditions would be better but 20K plus is essential to keep you dry in wetter conditions. 

Many ski and snowboard brands including Patagonia and Salomon use Gore Tex technology which guarantees to keep your hands dry with an equivalent rating of 28K. Gore Tex is also breathable and windproof which enable temperature control of your hands in all conditions. This is just as important as the waterproofing as it helps prevent your gloves getting wet from the inside with sweat. You may find the use of Gore Tex adds a bit to the price tag however it is worth every penny. If you are looking for something more affordable, other brands have their own waterproofing and breathable technology including Dakine’s DK Dry which I am currently using and has held up strong in all conditions from +10C and sunny to -15C and snowy 

Then once you have narrowed it down to which specific features you want in a pair of gloves or mitts, the exciting part is choosing which design. Happy pickings!

Thanks Louise for the advice!

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Should I Buy Snow Gloves Or Mittens?

The snow glove or snow mitt debate is one of the many decisions you will have to face up to when buying your kit for this ski season. Trivial it may seem but vital nevertheless, I can’t imagine anything worse than cold fingers on a mountain!

Take for example the Salomon Women Force GTX Insulated Snow Mittens and the Salomon Women Force GTX Insulated Snow Gloves. The price for both glove and mitt is the same at £54.99, the product name is virtually identical, and their features are a mirror image; made of Gore-Tex, soft PU fabric, advanced skin warm technology, a short fur cuff, elastic wrist closure, PES. What’s all the fuss about?

Despite the same construction materials, the differences in shape are crucial. While gloves ensure mobility, mittens increase the warmth potential due to your fingers being in the same compartment. Here starts the catch 22 decision; warmth or mobility, obviously you want both so how to decide?

salomon force gtx snow glove mittens
Do I buy snow gloves or mittens?

Snow Mittens

Mittens: reduced dexterity reduces versatility but if you get cold hands on the mountain, mitts are a no brainer.

Snow Gloves

Gloves: the established first choice of many skiers due to their exceptional mobility, they also have their faults; expect colder hands than mitts so be warned if your fingers are prone to getting a bit nippy.

Mitt or glove is fundamentally a personal preference but, whichever you pick, ensure that they are a good fit and are made of Gore-Tex where possible. The fact that the Salomon Women Force GTX Insulated gloves and mitts remain the most popular piste hand accessory, despite their elevated price, is thanks to the fact that they are made of Gore-Tex.  These gloves and mitt are testament to the fact that Gore-Tex as an outer material is well worth the extra pounds, ensuring the best in breathability and waterproofing while on the slopes.

No matter which you pick, ensure that second to the type put the material at the fore and buy Gore-Tex if you can stretch your wallet a little further.

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