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Rear Toe Plate or Rear Boot Water Ski Binding?

To use an RTP or not to use an RTP: that is the question:

We often get asked, by water skiers, whether a Rear Toe Plate (RTP) or a rear boot water ski binding is better for water skiing. Unfortunately there isn’t a definitive answer; its all down to personal preference. I preferred a rear boot!

Rear Toe Plate (RTP)

Most  water skiers like the RTP because when deep water starting the rear foot can be trailed behind the water ski like a ruder for balance. Skiers also like the freedom to adjust their rear foot during skiing, if needed, depending on what they were doing.

ho water ski with rtp
HO water ski fitted with front boot and RTP bindings

Rear Water Ski Boot

The rear boot will make you feel more secure because the foot is held in place; keeping the heal on the ski. This will prevent the rear foot lifting or sliding as you cross the wake at speed, which can be a little unnerving! The deep water start may need a bit of concentration to start with,  but after a while it will become second nature!

ho water ski with rear boot
HO water ski fitted with front and rear boot bindings.

So are you a RTP skier or a rear boot skier? There is not test for this apart from just trying both; and finding out which you feel most comfortable/confident with and which best suits your style of water skiing!

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