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Water Ski Fin Settings

The fin on a water ski can be moved to a wide range of positions to make the ski react differently when water skiing. Here is a guide to what effect moving the fin will have, but as always we recommend getting expert advice – like speaking to #Brown.

Water Ski Fin Adjustment

If you move the fin backwards it can make the water ski feel longer, and moving it forward will make the ski will feel shorter. The fin can also be adjusted to be deeper or shallower in the water, which will effect the amount of tail slide you want the ski to have in the turn. Adjusting the leading or trailing edge of the fin can also improve how the ski turns on the 1,3,5 side or the 2,4,6 side of the slalom course.

radar vapour water ski fin settings
Example of fin settings for the Radar Vapour water ski.

A water ski fin can also come with a foil or wing. This is used to help you slow the ski down ready for the ski to turn. The foil does not become effective until the water ski is travelling at speeds of 34/36mph; so any adjustments are only useful for expert skiers.

For the beginner water skier, both slalom course and free ride skier, we would recommend leaving the fin at the factory settings; and learning the correct technique, including how to slow the water ski down , before making any adjustments.


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