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Taking Part In A Park Contest

Sometimes it can be hard to get involved in competitive skiing but I would recommend it to everyone. Whether it is competing in gates at your local dry slope, or attending the many events on at
the snow domes or on the piste in Europe there are plenty of ways to get involved for all abilities. For myself it had been several years since I had competed and it made me realise the ways it can benefit your skiing.

Park Contest

The format for the contest required two qualifying runs which would determine the top five through to the final run, where the overall winner was decided. The event had a great atmosphere with a good standard of local French riders. My two qualifying runs went well
and my second a backflip to 540 followed by a successful completion of the rail section on the course got me through to the final.

Unfortunately I fell in the final on my first jump a natural 720 and finished fifth overall in the event. Despite just missing out on the prizes I had such a good day. By competing it pushes you to ski to the best of your ability and naturally encourages progression – this can only be beneficial to all skiers.

skier in the air
On route to the finals!

When I was at University I competed a lot and I remember how much people progressed in that environment. So I would recommend looking into your local ski clubs and dry slopes to see what is available and get involved.

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