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Top tips for trying on ski boots

Here are some tips for trying on ski boots; we recommend visiting a store for professional boot fitting advice!

  1. Dress for the occasion! Your going to be trying ski boots on, more than a couple of pairs too, so make sure you have your ski socks with you (we carry spares if necessary) and make sure you can roll your trousers up. Skinny jeans are a big no-no; you won’t be able to roll them up high enough to fit the boot on comfortably. Loose fitting trousers or shorts will be your best option! Wear the socks you will be skiing in, and most importantly, do not wear more than one pair of socks!
  2. Cleanliness! Make sure your socks and feet are clean, you don’t want to stink your boot fitter out. He or she will be less inclined to be thorough and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by having “cheesy feet“! Make sure your toenails are clipped; it will help you get the best fit and avoid painful toes pressing the ends of the boots.
  3. Be honest! Don’t pretend to be a better skier then you are, otherwise you’ll get the wrong boots that won’t suit your skiing style and ability. And most the time, your professional boot fitter will see right through you! Don’t be embarrassed if you’re a beginner skier, everyone has to start somewhere!
  4. Trust your boot fitter! A professional boot fitter will have a genuine passion for the sport. So trust what he says! He/She will be trying to sell the best possible boot for you, they’re not car salesmen trying to squeeze every last penny out of you (no offence to car salesmen!).
  5. Be vocal! If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, then you need to speak up! At the end of the day ski boots aren’t cheap, so you need to make sure your happy with them! Your feedback is crucial to the boot fitter, it helps them find and alter the boots to your needs.
  6. Book an appointment! Here at Tallington Lakes Pro Shop we have a great selection of ski boots. We try our best to always have a boot fitter available, but in the busier times it can mean you waiting your turn. We highly recommend booking an appointment, so we can spend as much time as necessary for you to leave with the best fitting ski boot. To book an appointment with us please call 01778 381153!
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