K2 was founded in 1961, by brothers Bill and Don Kirschner, and is known for pioneering fibreglass ski technology; which made skis significantly lighter and more lively than their wood and metal counterparts. In competition with the French brand Dynamic, K2’s manufacturing process was based on wrapping a wood core to produce a tortionally-rigid ‘torsion box’ ski construction. To this day, K2 are one of the leading and biggest ski brands, creating skis for every genre and style of skiing.

When the boom of snowboarding began in 1988, K2 were once again at the forefoot. By 1994, K2 had produced an award winning line of snowboards, and they continue to rank in the top five brands in snowboard sales world wide. Their snowboards are consistently rated highly in the 'Good Wood Rating of Snowboards' magazine, detailing their exceptional quality and affordability of their snowboards.


A common misconception, K2 wasn't named after the famous mountain, instead it relates to the first letter of the founding brothers surname!

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