Head Supershape i.Speed Skis PRD 12 GW Bindings 2019

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Head Supershape i.Speed Skis PRD 12 GW Bindings 2019

The Supershape line of skis show off some pretty next level tech, when it comes to skiing, and features materials that only Head skis use. The Supershape Titan is the thinnest underfoot of the Supershape line, with 68 mm underfoot, so you’ll need to clip in and hang on as you reach new speeds with this deamon. This ski is aimed at your upper intermediate to advanced skier. Particularly those out there who love to go fast! Formula one fast, well you will love the KERS system that is incorporated in this ski. Head hold a patent on one of the most amazing materials to be used in skis - Graphene is the thinnest and lightest element that is known to mankind, if that’s not good enough it’s also the strongest! 300 times stronger than steel - that is 300 times stronger than what holds up most buildings. We also see the ERA 3.0 technology which is a new gradient on the mechanics of turning. In its simplest form this means that it’s easier to initiate those turns and really carve hard without slapping your ankles down to the snow.

Key Features:

70% Piste 30% Piste

Graphene Worldcup sandwich cap construction


ERA 3.0 S

RD Race structured UHM C base

Speed rocker

Multiflex PR base

100740 PRD 12 DW Brake 85 Binding

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