Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard 2019

Code: FF0592

Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard 2019

The latest rail slaying machine in town is Jesse Burtner’s signature board – the Box Scratcher - which does everything it says on the tin! This board is a fully-equipped, factory-authorised, clinically-proven, hospital-tested, scientifically-formulated rail slaying miracle! If mind-spinning box butters and rail ripping are your bag and you’re on the hunt for a board as creative as you are, this sick trick stick is the one for you!

So what gives this board its jibbing capability? It’s packed full of Lib Tech goodness, of course. The true twin shape and Original Banana hybrid camber and rocker profile gives the board a jibby, playful and floaty feel while the world changing Magne-Traction cuts into the snow so edges grip onto the snow for dear life, thanks to seven strategically placed groves along each edge to bite into the snow, slush, or sheet ice - similar to how a bread knife slices through a baguette. Nice.

This board is the perfect steed for those looking to progress their rail sliding skills or those riders who are looking for a more playful ride to enjoy all over the mountain. This may be a park specific board; but, thanks to its Original Banana shape, it has a forgiving feel and Lib Tech promise the Box Scratcher’s contour make it the easiest shape to learn on!

Key Features:

Original Banana profile

True twin shape

Magne-traction “steak knife” serrated edges for effortless edge hold

3/10 flex (soft to medium)

Base: eco sublimated sintered – super strong and durable

Suitable for beginner to expert abilities

Twin all-terrain freestyle

Centre stance (0CM setback stance)

Core: 75% aspen / 25% paulownias

Glass: tri-ax / bi-ax fiber

Top: eco sublimated poly top

Birch internal sidewalls

Uhmw sintered sidewalls

Uhmw tip/tail impact deflection

Waste Width:

(154) 253mm

(157) 255mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(154) 50-55 Kg

(157) 55+ Kg

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