ONeill Womens Flair ZEN 4mm 3mm Navy Grey Full Wetsuit

Code: EA6074

O'Neill Womens Flair ZEN 4mm 3mm Navy Grey Full Wetsuit

Gorgeous! Say no more; the women's Flair 4mm 3mm neoprene wetsuit has all the advanced features we now expect form yet another quality O'Neill product, as well as being a stricking design that will make you stand out from the crowd. The beautifully simple black and seaglass legs, chest, back, and shoulders are in sharp contrast to the vibrant maya pattern on the arms and sides of the suit; so if you want to rock a practical and stylish look in a wetsuit then look no further. The design has the female body in mind, so happy days ladies!

Key Features:

Single Fluid Seam Weld (watertight technology)

FluidFlex Firewall

UltraFlex DS Neoprene

Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals

Krypto Knee Pans

Key Pocket

Contortionist Seamless Shoulders

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