If you are looking to buy water skis in the UK, you have come to the right shop, because it can be daunting! Slalom water skis are manufactured using some of the most technical features and construction processes in the water sports industry. Due to the speeds you travel at when water skiing, up to 60mph when crossing the wake, the skis are design to withstand these huge forces with the integration of aerospace grade carbon fibre in some of the premium slalom skis.

Here at Tallington Lakes we offer a great range of slalom water skis. We stock a large selection of water skis from the following brands: Radar, HO and O'Brien water skis. These will suit a range of water skiing abilities and ages. So whether you’re looking at starting out in the sport, a freeride skier or an aspiring national level tournament skier we will cater for your needs. Our experience boat drivers, coaches and water skiing staff will help answer any questions you may have; and once you have your new ski why not give it a go on our world class slalom course.

If you have any more questions about matching yourself to that perfect ski just call 01778381153.

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