What skiing ability am I?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what skiing ability range you fit into. We’ve all been there: you’ve walked into a store or rental shop to get some kit, and the first thing they ask you is “what’s your skiing ability”?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know! Rather than standing there stuttering because you’re unsure. This guide will help you understand it all a bit better and give you more of a clear-cut response; which is important especially when having your ski bindings set.

Just remember choose based on what ability you are now not what you want to be, as incorrect categorisation could cause injuries to yourself and others around.

Beginner (Type 1)

Beginner skier still performing snow plough turns
Cautious skier on green and blue runs
Low boot release setting

Intermediate (Type 2)

Skis parallel on blue and red runs
Prefers a variety of speeds
Does not class themselves as a type 1 or 3 skier
Medium boot release setting

Advanced (Type 3)

Skis parallel on red and some black runs
Aggressive skiing
Fast skiing on steep mixed terrain
High boot release setting

Expert (Type 3+)

Parallel skiing on any slope
Skis at extremely high speeds i.e. racing/off piste powder shredding
Very high boot release setting

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