Roxy Relay Leggings Review

I recently got myself a pair of the Roxy Relay Leggings and it’s safe to say I am in love.

They almost look as good as they feel. The fabric, which is 78% Nylon and 22% Lycra, feels lovely, super lightweight, and breathable. The ones I have are an incredibly in your face bright pink, with what I like to call, black racing stripes and a cute tropical design on the calf. They really stand out. All the Roxy Relay Leggings come in beautiful bright colours and designs, and have reflective tape and a Roxy logo at the bottom of the lower leg. Even better, the colour won’t fade as they are made with Xtra Life Lycra fabric for excellent recovery and colour retention.

roxy leggings two styles
The ones I have, Azalea Stripe (right) are an incredibly in your face bright pink, with what I like to call, black racing stripes and a cute tropical design on the calf. Psychedelic Dream Combo Tomato (left).

Now, I’m not exactly the tallest person with being 5’1” and I usually really struggle with trouser legs being far too long and bunching up around my ankles. Yes, these leggings do bunch around my ankles, but nothing major like most do. Yet, there is enough length that I can say with confidence these would be great on taller girls too.

The fold-over waistband is high enough that you can comfortably exercise without indecently exposing yourself, or have to worry about continuously pulling them up because the waistband also includes Roxy Jacquard Elastic on the inside, and an adjustable tie on the outside to ensure a glove-like fit.

The fabric is thin enough to be quick drying and breathable, yet I wasn’t concerned about them thinning out and being see-through when climbing and abseiling on the climbing tower we have here at Tallington Lakes, which again saved me from embarrassment.  The soft flatlock seams didn’t make me uncomfortable while climbing and hanging in some usually uncomfortable positions which was a huge bonus.

All in all, these leggings are amazing, comfortable, and cute while being incredibly functional. I never thought I would so highly recommend active wear but Roxy have really done well with the Relay Leggings!  At Tallington Lakes Pro Shop we sell the Roxy Relay Leggings in Psychedelic Dream, and I recommend you buy them before I do because they are amazing!

Thanks Sammy (Snowboard and Climbing Instructor)

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What Size Wakeboard Should I Buy?

What size wakeboard should I buy? Is a common question in the Pro Shop

But there is more to consider when buying a wakeboard than just the way it looks. Of course you want a board that looks good, but much like a car, looks aren’t everything. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari without an engine, so why would you buy a wakeboard that doesn’t fit your needs?

The first, and probably most important, thing to consider is the size of the board. A board that is too small will lead to you sinking whilst riding; however a board that is too big can be difficult to maneuver, and weigh the rider down.

Wakeboard Size Guide

Length (cm) Weight (stone)
<130 7
130 – 134 7 – 10.5
135 – 139 9 – 13
140 – 144 12 – 18
>144 14 – 19.5

If you are sharing the wakeboard, then pick the dimensions that suit the heaviest user. It is easier for a smaller rider to cope with a large board, than a larger rider to deal with a smaller board.

Shorter Wakeboards:
Easier to spin and maneuver in the air
Harder landings
Require more energy to cut through the water

Longer Wakeboards:
Easier to ride on
Rider has more control
Heavier, so hard to maneuver in the air
Good for learning tricks for the first time
Offer softer landings

When considering a weight that overlaps a category, it will depend what ‘type’ of rider you are.

A beginner/intermediate rider should use a larger board, as they are unlikely to need to maneuver it too much, and the large surface are will result in a more comfortable ride.

Intermediate/advanced riders should look at slightly shorter boards, this will allow them to maneuver the board easier in the air, than a longer board, but still provide a large enough surface area to stick the landing.

Advanced/expert riders should consider a shorter wakeboard as they are light and by that stage they will be adept at landing a trick.

Wakebaord Rocker

The type of rocker may also influence your decision. There are two main types of rocker, the continuous rocker, and the 3-stage rocker. Continuous rockers allow a rider to travel across the wake further and faster. These boards are ideal to help improve your skills on the water.

The 3-stage rocker, on the other hand, will help a rider improve their skills in the air. The shape of the board allows the rider to jump higher. This comes at a cost; the board is not as fast across the water.

To find out more, why not read our post about wakeboard rocker!

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