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What Size Wakeboard Should I Buy?

What size wakeboard should I buy? Is a common question in the Pro Shop

But there is more to consider when buying a wakeboard than just the way it looks. Of course you want a board that looks good, but much like a car, looks aren’t everything. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari without an engine, so why would you buy a wakeboard that doesn’t fit your needs?

The first, and probably most important, thing to consider is the size of the board. A board that is too small will lead to you sinking whilst riding; however a board that is too big can be difficult to maneuver, and weigh the rider down.

Wakeboard Size Guide

Length (cm) Weight (stone)
<130 7
130 – 134 7 – 10.5
135 – 139 9 – 13
140 – 144 12 – 18
>144 14 – 19.5

If you are sharing the wakeboard, then pick the dimensions that suit the heaviest user. It is easier for a smaller rider to cope with a large board, than a larger rider to deal with a smaller board.

Shorter Wakeboards:
Easier to spin and maneuver in the air
Harder landings
Require more energy to cut through the water

Longer Wakeboards:
Easier to ride on
Rider has more control
Heavier, so hard to maneuver in the air
Good for learning tricks for the first time
Offer softer landings

When considering a weight that overlaps a category, it will depend what ‘type’ of rider you are.

A beginner/intermediate rider should use a larger board, as they are unlikely to need to maneuver it too much, and the large surface are will result in a more comfortable ride.

Intermediate/advanced riders should look at slightly shorter boards, this will allow them to maneuver the board easier in the air, than a longer board, but still provide a large enough surface area to stick the landing.

Advanced/expert riders should consider a shorter wakeboard as they are light and by that stage they will be adept at landing a trick.

Wakebaord Rocker

The type of rocker may also influence your decision. There are two main types of rocker, the continuous rocker, and the 3-stage rocker. Continuous rockers allow a rider to travel across the wake further and faster. These boards are ideal to help improve your skills on the water.

The 3-stage rocker, on the other hand, will help a rider improve their skills in the air. The shape of the board allows the rider to jump higher. This comes at a cost; the board is not as fast across the water.

To find out more, why not read our post about wakeboard rocker!

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