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Oakley Snow Goggles

Oakley is arguably one of the most recognised sports gear and eyewear brands the world has ever seen with its history dating back to 1975. Defying all the sceptics Jim Jannard started his own company with $300 with one simple goal; make products that work better and look better than anything else. Based in his garage Jim developed a new style of motorcycle grip that increased grip with sweat, capturing the notice of many top riders.

With the company orders in decline it led Jim to create the O Frame goggle that was praised for its clarity and wide peripheral view being used in MX for the new 17 years. Drawing on his previous innovations Jim set himself the challenge of reinventing sport sunglasses creating the ‘eyeshades’, a revolution in eyewear design becoming a vital piece of equipment for world class competitors.

Decades of research and development has been focused on a single, unwavering goal; to provide snow athletes the highest level of protection and optimum visual clarity possible. This goal has allowed Oakley to find that perfect blend of art and science leading to 600 patents awarded worldwide. Today Oakley is seen as the go to brand for sophistication and performance within the sportswear industry!

Oakley Goggle Technology

HDO (High Definition Optics)

Ever wanted a truer picture of the world? Oakley’s HDO technology gives a lens virtually free of distortion and fine tuned with patented technologies that retain extremely high levels of clarity at any angle and any condition.

The American National Standards Institute put Oakley lenses through three rigorous tests:
Clarity (measures sharpness of images view through the lens)
Refractive power (measures how inferior lenses distort vision by magnifying images)
PRISM, not to be confused with Prizm, (measures how lenses bend light to make objects appear shifted from their true position)

These tests prove how inferior lenses can compromise your vision. Don’t compromise, stick with Oakley lenses!

Impact Protection

Oakley lenses don’t just meet, they exceed ANSI impact-resistance standards! These lenses have undergone high-speed and high-mass tests, giving the ability to be pushed to its limits with no risk of breaking.

Anti-Fog Technology

Plutonite lenses are an innovation in their own right, combined with Oakley’s unique F3 anti-fog coating allows the inner lens to absorb a minimum of 2ml of moisture to help preventing fogging during the most intense physical activities.

Lens Coatings


A lot of people think the composition of the lens itself is iridium, but in fact it’s a standard lens with a special metal oxide coating that gives the lens a unique set of properties.  This Iridium coating allows you to tailor your goggle to any condition you may face up in the mountain.

Oakley provides a large variety of lens compositions and colours allowing you to fine tune; glare, reflection, light absorption and light transmission. The ability to fine tune how much light reaches your eye makes this exclusive coating a favourite with riders around the world.


Ever get that uncomfortable glare in bright sunlight? Oakley polarized lenses are made from an exclusive permeate Plutonite material coated around an integrated polariser. The unique combination of coatings helps to provide clear vision, minimises deformation and helps protect the filter from everyday wear and tear.

Additionally Plutonite performs extremely well as a barrier against harmful UVA, UVC and UVB rays as well as harmful blue light protecting your eyes even on the brightest of days.

To understand the different lens tints, please read this article.

Maintenance and Care

Ever felt the urge to clean your lens with anything other than the cloth supplied? Resist the urge! Tissues, tops and sleeves are highly abrasive and if used will permanently scratch your lens. The supplied cloth is a special microfiber material that will clean but not scratch.

Your lens will no doubt get wet during its use but it is advised that you only clean your lens when dry. So even if you take a fall in the snow, allow your lens to dry first.

One last piece of advice you may not heard of is try to avoid wearing goggles on your head. Many goggles have anti fog and venting properties but the heat and moisture from the top of your head increases the chance of this still occurring.

Following these simple but important rules will ensure your Oakley goggles stay high performing and scratch free for years to come.


Due to the amount of moisture your face emits goggle ventilation is important in helping to reduce fogging. Although Oakley goggles feature an anti-fog coating more ventilation is always better when it comes to goggles. Be sure to check the compatibility with your helmet as the vents can sometimes be covered reducing the performance of your goggles.

Foam Layers

Getting a perfect seal around you face is important for reducing fogging and adding comfort. Oakley has designed their goggles with a triple layered polar fleece foam which ensures the cold and snow stay out whilst following the curvature of your face without giving uncomfortable pressure points.

Glasses Compatible

If you have prescription glasses finding the right goggle can be a challenge! Some Oakley goggles feature OTG (Over the Glasses) technology which means you can still wear your prescription glasses underneath without the expensive need for prescription goggles.

OTG goggles tend to be deeper than regular goggles and feature a channel to allow your goggles to fit perfectly with no movement or pressure points.

Helmet Compatible

It’s important to have a good fitting goggle and helmet for both aesthetics and performance. Known as the goggle gap this gap between the helmet and goggle is best avoided through a helmet compatible goggle as it can give you brain freeze.

Oakley produce goggles with varying levels of helmet compatibility with many of their designs featuring strap outriggers to give a better strap position when wearing a helmet.

To understand the different frame styles, please read this article.

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