Ski Legs or Snowboard Legs

Do you have lessons or a few recreational practices before going on your ski/snowboard holiday?

skis in snow

It might be worth thinking about! Your week or more away in the  mountains doesn’t come cheap, so if you are like me you probably want to get the most from your days skiing or snowboarding.

A few lessons or recreational practices before you go may be beneficial;  and there is evidence to prove this – muscle memory! Basically during activities such as skiing or snowboarding  the brain builds neural pathways such that the muscles have a sense of ‘muscle memory’ and therefore you don’t have to tell your legs to ski/snowboard; your legs just knows how to do it.

However, muscle memory can work against you if you have bad habits. So make sure you focus on your technique and practiced over and over again; and get your ski or snowboard legs before you get to the mountains.

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