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Picture Organic Wetsuits

Picture Organic is a French based company who have an established history in sustainably produced technical mountain apparel. At 11 years old they have spent the last decade revolutionising how the ski industry manufactures their clothes. Renowned for unique styling combined with the latest technology their popularity has grown year on year. In the last couple of years, it has been exciting to see them apply their knowledge to the wetsuit market, with eye catching designs that offer incredible performance with a sustainable approach.

What’s new?

Picture Organic have developed a neoprene called Eicoprene that will feature in all their wetsuits this year. Eicoprene is made from 30% recycled tyres and 70% limestone. All the linings are made from recycled polyester and connected using Aqua-A glue, a water-based glue which is solvent free. These technologies ensure that you are purchasing a wetsuit with minimal environmental impact.

Eicoprene has been rigorously tested by the Picture Organic team, from cold winter days off the UK coast to summers in the SW of France. Durability has been a priority in the design process with the belief being that the longer your suit lasts the better it is for the environment.

female surfer catching a wave off Cornwall.
Picture Organic Women’s Oksana 3mm 2mm Dark Blue Sparrow Full Wetsuit

How do they perform?

Eicoprene is an extremely flexible material that performs incredibly for a whole host of activities. Whether you are surfing, Sup’ing or wild swimming they will allow you move with ease through a full range of motion. The wetsuits have taken design ideas from triathlete suits offering features that haven’t been used in surfing before. The suits have “Motion Pattern” which removes seams from under the arm, the chest and around the shoulders increasing mobility so you can perform at your best. They have also used a silicone coating called Power Grip which increases resistance in the water meaning increased efficiency for paddling.

We have a large range of their latest offering from 1.5mm wetsuit tops through to 4/3mm winter suits for both men and women. If you are looking for a high-performance sustainable wetsuit Picture Organic will have you covered.

Base Surf Lodge

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Picture Civic 3mm 2mm Wetsuit Review

It seems like everyone is starting to do their part when it comes to cleaning our aquatic playgrounds; everything from reducing agricultural pollutants in our waters to reducing plastic waste. But how many of us have stopped to think; how eco-friendly is the wetsuit I’m wearing, in the water, when participating in my favourite water sport?

Picture Organic Clothing has taken the plunge into the wetsuit market, with the same company policy: ‘sustainable development and conservation of the environment’. Consequently we have seen the emergence of wetsuits made from NaturalPrene – 85% natural rubber and 15% synthetic chlorine free rubber.  So what are these eco-friendly wetsuits like? Well I took one water skiing and wakeboarding at Tallington Lakes, and body-boarding/surfing in Cornwall to try – and the odd open water swim.

The Civic 3mm 2mm Zip-Free Wetsuit

The Civic is a NaturalPrene wetsuit that gives you the same range of motion as a top end competitor’s wetsuit; thanks to the integrated micro particles that enable the NaturalPrene to stretch four times its original size. However it’s not all fancy technology, but simple thinking, that allows for this full range of motion. Inspired motion patterns, based on triathlon specific wetsuits, and no seams underneath the arms or around the shoulders means these wetsuits are great for paddling into waves or stretching around that turn buoy.

picture organic clothing civic 3mm 2mm wetsuit

Glued and blind stitched seams, with solvent free water based glue, and a fully recycled polyester lining; make these wetsuits comfortable and ultra-quick drying. The additional DryNow fibre lining, in critical areas, is ultra-wicking and will keep your body’s core warm.

The zip-free entry design means your cold fingers do not have to struggle with a zipper; which along with the fully waterproof collar, including a glideskin neck seal, will ensure minimal water intake. If you are a surfer, or just take hard hits wakeboarding like myself, then the double NaturalPrene comfort zones protect your ribs perfectly.

The Dolphin 2mm Zip-Free Wetsuit

It’s also worth checking out the Dolphin 2mm wetsuit, which is from the Picture Organics Clothing’s LimeStone range, and is made from 70% limestone neoprene and 30% recycled polyester. The neoprene is derived from the limestone and then mixed with 5% of recycled rubber from old tyres (and old wetsuits). In a nut shell you have a wetsuit made of rocks and tyres.

Consequently Picture Organic Clothing has been able to dramatically save their carbon footprint, in the manufacture of good quality wetsuits. Instead of giving us the figures in a scientific number, that better minds that my own can’t comprehend, they give us an easy understandable representation: the emissions saved are the same as driving 56,000 kilometres in a car.

So high quality wetsuits, that perform in the water, following a 100% eco-friendly policy – done!

Come check out the range of men’s and women’s Picture wetsuits at Tallington Lakes Pro Shop and we can fit you for your ‘eco-friendly wetsuit’ so you can stay in the water longer!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

When Should I Start My Water Ski Season?

Half to three quarters the way through the ‘off season’, where a lot of skiers have retired from the water for the winter, many of them are itching to return to the sound of spray falling, boats running and wakes lapping the banks. This urge leads them to the question of ‘when should I start my water ski season?’ 

The official beginning to the British Water-Ski Season is the 1st April, however as we all know, the water temperature and weather at this point in the year isn’t exactly for jumping around in shorts and impact vests! I tend to step into my first set in the middle of March, wrapped in layers and the same thought goes through my mind….’Jeez I can’t feel my feet!’

So how does a skier or water lover stay relatively warm and safe in the early season I hear you ask?! Well there are key ways in which this is possible.

water skier wearing a wetsuit
Wetsuits are great pieces of equipment that can keep you warm during these early season sessions.


Wetsuits are great pieces of equipment that can keep you warm during these early season sessions. However finding and deciding upon the best wetsuit for yourself and the conditions in which you are skiing in can be a daunting task. Luckily Tallington Lakes Pro Shop have a wide range of wetsuits for all water temperatures, along with members of staff who are keen to help select a perfect fit!


Personally I believe warm-ups are very important, too, especially in colder conditions. I tend to take part in some pulse raising activities followed by some dynamic and static stretches just before I’m about to start my set. This can help prevent injury when on the water and can contribute to staying warm in the early season. One thing is for sure, if your body is uncomfortably cold when skiing, injury is twice as likely to occur.

Take An Easy Set

When stepping onto the water for the first time in the new season, take an easy set! For example if the previous season your personal best was four buoys at 36mph/58kph, you don’t want to be trying to water ski at those speeds straight out the block. Never be afraid to knock the speed down to a more comfortable velocity. This will help you find the rhythm of the course, allowing you spend more time on top of the water rather than in it.

These are just a few examples of how to keep warm and safe in the early season. Whenever you decide to jump into the waters of the United Kingdom, I hope you have a successful and fun-filled water ski season!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Wetsuits – What Type Do I Need

If you are involved with water sports it generally means you will need a wetsuit at some point. This however is seen as a daunting prospect with the wide variety of wetsuit types available. Whether you fancy a dip during the brisk winter months or the height of summer, this guide will give you all the information needed to match your needs to that perfect wetsuit.

Wetsuits provide a perfect blend of thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy through the use of numerous high tech materials developed by companies such as O’Neill. One such material to hit the market by storm was O’Neill’s Techno Butter technology which is now 20% lighter and 30% less absorbent than traditional wetsuits.

But many ask the question how do wetsuits really work? In water your body looses heat up to 25 times faster than in air so getting the right insulation is important.  It’s the air trapped inside the neoprene itself which creates an insulator against the cold, and  the more air you can pack in the warmer the suit will be.

To ensure ‘the warmth’ is not flushed out by any cold water, its crucial the wetsuit fits correctly, so please follow our size guide or give us a call and speak to an experienced member of staff. Or pop in!

Full Wetsuit

A full wetsuit sometimes known as a ‘steamer’ suit covers your whole body and provides a high level of protection. It is available as a summer or winter suit with varying thicknesses from 3/2mm for highly active sports all the way to 7mm which incorporates a hood suitable for cold water scuba diving.

oneil hyperforeak wetsiut
O’Neill Hyperfreak is a full wetsuit with 3mm and 2mm neoprene.

Short Arm Steamer

Do you find your paddling is affected with full wetsuits? Short arm steamers have been designed to still provide warmth and protection for your torso and legs but helps increase flexibility with thinner neoprene and strategic paddle zones when kayaking and SUPing.

Spring/Shorty Wetsuit

A spring/shorty wetsuit either has full length arms and short legs or short arms and short legs. This design gives much more flexibility and movement generally used when body boarding or surfing when torso protection is important but it’s too warm for a full suit.

oneill reactor short wetsuit
O’Neill Reactor is a women’s shorty wetsuit made from 2mm reprehend.

 Short John Wetsuit

This bib style suit features no sleeves and short legs which gives your core warmth with the increased upper body flexibility key for highly active upper body sports during warmer summer months such as rowing and SUPing.

Long John Wetsuit

This again is a bib style suit with no sleeves but gives added warmth and protection through full length legs. This is perfect for the warmer months and highly active upper body sports such as competitive sailing, where bumps and abrasion from the boat hull and trapeze harness is a regular occurrence.

Wetsuit Top/Vest

Generally made from a thinner neoprene so not to reduce flexibility, a wetsuit top/vest is perfect for extra protection and thermal insulation to be worn over swimwear when a normal rash guard is not enough. A wetsuit top/vest ranges from 0.5-1.5mm thick.

Wetsuit Shorts

Made from a thinner neoprene wetsuit shorts are perfect for those situations when you want little warmth but added protection for your upper legs, great when combined with a rash vest and buoyancy aid.

Dry Suits

Designed to be fully waterproof dry suits are used in extreme cold water during dives and water rescues offering the highest level of protection. Dry suits are a one piece design with water tight gaskets around the neck, wrists and ankles. These suits generally fall into 2 categories:

Neoprene Dry Suit – Similar to semi dry suits but with higher grade more robust water tight seals, with base layers worn for added warmth on longer dives.

Membrane Dry Suit – Constructed with layered waterproof materials i.e. nylon or rubber and unlike a neoprene dry suit does not provide any insulation or floatation so thick base layers must be worn.

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