trick water skiing

Trick Water Skiing

Seen amongst water sport enthusiasts as the most technical water ski discipline due to the variety of tricks performed. These tricks are performed on small oval shaped water skis with advanced skiers using one ski whereas beginners use two for extra stability.

obrien pro trac trick water skis
O’Brien Pro Trac trick water skis; advanced skiers will only use one ski.

Trick Water Skiing Competition

Rather than a set course trick skiers are given two 20 second runs in which they will perform a variety of tricks. The first pass is for hand tricks (surface turns, rotations and flips off the wake) and the second pass is for toe tricks (wake rotations and turns) using only your foot to hold onto the handle.

In relation to scores, tricks cannot be repeated with each trick being assigned a points value. The most points overall from both runs wins which is determined by a panel of 5 judges.

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