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Herb O’Brien started making hand-moulded wood water skis out of a garage in Redmond WA in 1962, and since 1964 O’Brien WaterSports have been manufacturing water sports equipment for all the family to enjoy on the water; whether water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding or tubing.

If water skiing we have beginners combo water skis; right through to advanced slalom skis for freeriding or tournament competitions. World Class water skier and O’Brien Team rider, Glenn Campbell, regularly uses our water ski lake. So we are pretty confident our staff can advise you on your water skiing needs; whether combo water skis for beginners, or slalom skis for intermediate to advance! If you are freeride or a tournament skier we can help!

We stock other O'Brien water skiing gear such as handles, lines and gloves

If kneeboarding is your thing; we have some great boards to get you skimming across the water. Or my not chill on a fun towable inflatables!

It just water fun fun fun with O'Brien!

OBrien 10-Section Water Ski Mainline OBrien OBrien 10-Section Water Ski Mainline
4 in stock
O'Brien 10-Section Water Ski Mainline As its name implies, the O'Brien10 section 75’ waterski mainline has ten sections, so you can shorten your line each pass (wishful thinking). The four-rope construction is extremely durable. So all you need is a handle, and off you go! Key Features: 10-sections 1/4” polypro rope 75’ to 45 off
OBrien 5 Section Water Ski Line EVA Handle Combo OBrien OBrien 5 Section Water Ski Line EVA Handle Combo
1 in stock
O'Brien 5 Section Water Ski Line EVA Handle Combo This 5-section mainline with EVA handle, for water skiing, has tournament shortening loops. The EVA handle has aluminium core, and the mainline is made from 16 strand 40 filament polypropylene braided rope. This is a good versitile water ski line and handle, for your recreational skier, which can be shotened by using the five sections for skiing at…
OBrien Pro Handle With 10 Section Mainline OBrien OBrien Pro Handle With 10 Section Mainline
2 in stock
O'Brien Pro 13" Water Ski Handle with 10-Section Mainline Hold on tight, this is a water ski handle for those on the top of their game. The 13” wide and 1.08” diameter water ski handle will pull you in the right direction. The four-rope construction is extremely durable. As its name implies, the O'Brien10 section 75’ waterski mainline has ten sections, so you can shorten your line each pass (wishf…
OBrien Pro Skins Water Ski Gloves OBrien OBrien Pro Skins Water Ski Gloves
7 in stock
OBrien Pro Skins Water Ski Gloves See yourself as a pro level rider or just looking for an advanced pair of high performance water ski gloves? Then the Obrien Pro Skin could be the perfect solution! It features highly durable extremely tacky amara palm combined with pre curved fingers for increased performance and added comfort especially important during long competitions. For additional comfort…
OBrien 10 Inch Blue Core Surf Rope OBrien OBrien 10 Inch Blue Core Surf Rope
1 in stock
Obrien 10 Blue Core Surf Rope The Obrien 10” Core Surf rope is great long summer days spent out on the water. 10” wide and with a diamond stitched microfibre suede grip the handle feels great in your hands with plenty of room. The rope is a total of 24’ with 1 8’ section, 2 4’ sections, 1 4’ multi loop section so you can fine tune your rope length preference. Key Features: 10” Wide handle Diamond…
OBrien 9 Inch Reggae Relax Surf Rope OBrien OBrien 9 Inch Reggae Relax Surf Rope
2 in stock
Obrien 9 Reggae Relax Surf Rope The Obrien 9” Relax Surf rope you can ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ with ease and maximum steeze. The 9” wide microfibre suede grip feels great in your hands while the multi loop section gives you plenty to play with. Key Features: 9” Wide micro fibre suede grip Multi loop section
OBrien Access Wakeboard Binding OBrien OBrien Access Wakeboard Binding
2 in stock
O'Brien Access Wakeboard Binding Key Features: Dual lace zones for pinpoint adjustment all over your foot. Strobel Lasted Liner. 3D Orthotic Footbed. 2 degree canted NEO chassis Combination J-Bars for ultimate heel hold. Ultra lightweight
OBrien Celebrity Red Combo Water Skis X7 Bindings OBrien OBrien Celebrity Red Combo Water Skis X7 Bindings
1 in stock
O'Brien Celebrity Water Skis Red with 700 RT Bindings If you want a new high speed, intense thrill seeking hobby why not give waterskiing a go on the O'Brien Celebrity Combo skis. This entry level ski provides the performance needed to advance your skills but with the affordable price tag. A blended side cut and dual tunnel design gives this ski excellent stability on rougher waters helping to ins…
OBrien Performer Water Ski X8 Binding OBrien OBrien Performer Water Ski X8 Binding
1 in stock
OBrien Performer Water Ski X8 Binding 2016 Why not make that family time out on the water more enjoyable with the new versatile and reliable Performer Pro designed for not one, not two, but the whole family to use out on the water. The addition of plastic fin gives great tracking and its wide shaped platform provides excellent flotation and stability for all the family. The extra surface area engi…
OBrien Plan-B Black Wakeboard Bindings OBrien OBrien Plan-B Black Wakeboard Bindings
4 in stock
O'Brien Plan-B Black Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings These O'Brien open toe wakeboard bindings have three low profile, flexible Velcro straps for easy adjustment to get the right 'comfortable' fit.It's made from a durable outer. The liner is made from O'Brien's Ultralight Structure 2.0 which is light weight, and comfort.Its canted to ease stress on the legs, and has Orthotic footbed for support. Key F…
OBrien Pontoon Bridle OBrien OBrien Pontoon Bridle
3 in stock
O'Brien Pontoon Bridle two lengths of pontoon bridle: 12ft or 16ft for the back of you boat; to pull towable inflatables, water skiers or wakeboarders. Key Features: High-Impact plastic 12' or 16' length 1,800lb maximium pulling weight Quick attach snal hooks
OBrien Pro 9 OBrien OBrien Pro 9" Orange WakeSurf Rope
1 in stock
O'Brien Pro 9" Orange Surf Rope This surf rope has a 9 inch handle; which is very comfortable to hold because of the rather plush fabric. The line has three four foot sections, and loops every six inches, so you should be able to adjust for optimium length. It floats too, so should be easy to spot on the water; especially in bright orange! Key Features: Fabric Grip Handle Line Length between 13’ a…
OBrien Royale Wakesurfer 2019 OBrien OBrien Royale Wakesurfer 2019 save
Website 20% Discount
1 in stock
O'Brien Royale Wakesurfer 2019 Suitable for beginners or advanced riders who want a mellow cruise behind the boat! Suitable for those who can only produce a 'small wake' - size doesn't matter! Or if you've gained a few pounds - size does matter! This wakesurfer will deliver. Durable and light-weight it a great wakesurfer to have in your bag-of-tricks! Key Features: Length 160cm / 63" Width 54.6cm…
OBrien Sequence Water Ski X9 Bindings OBrien OBrien Sequence Water Ski X9 Bindings
1 in stock
O'Brien Sequence Slalom Water Ski, with X9 bindings This is a good beginner to intermediate water ski, from O'Brien.The width of this wide-bodied ski will help with deep water starts. The tunnel shapig helps with stability, but still manages to turn well. Its a good ski for those water skiers learning the 'ropes' of run the slalom course! Water ski comes with X9 binding and RTP Key Features: Carve…
OBrien Shockball OBrien OBrien Shockball
2 in stock
O'Brien Shockball Tube This add-on will keep your towable inftable tow rope out the water, which will reduce drag, and less drag means better fuel economy. It also helps with turns and slides. The oval shape helps absorb shock on rope too! Key Features: Up to 4 rider tubes 60ft tow rope 41″ x 22″ (Deflated) Lighting valve for rapid inflation.
OBrien Siege Slalom Waterski With Avid Bindings 2019 OBrien OBrien Siege Slalom Waterski With Avid Bindings 2019
2 in stock
O'Brien Siege Water Ski X9 Binding During the design stages the blueprints were fiercely guarded with Obrien in this case wanting to create a ‘siege’ at the factory! This water ski has the same shape as the proven and extremely popular Sixam 2.0 helping to be extremely responsive with high levels of speed. The increased rocker with the Siege makes for a stable ride combine this with concave tunnel…
OBrien Slalom Travel Case OBrien OBrien Slalom Travel Case
1 in stock
OBrien Slalom Travel Case Planning on travelling the world or just out on a day trip there is no better option than the Obrien Slalom Travel Case. This fully padded box travel case has plenty of room for your ski, bindings and any accessories you may have. Tired of carrying all your heavy equipment around? The addition of wheels on this travel case makes moving around a breeze. Please note: the le…
OBrien ST 12V SUP Inflator OBrien OBrien ST 12V SUP Inflator
5 in stock
O'Brien ST-782 12V iSUP Inflator A great electric pump to rival the Titan hand pump; but not so eco-firendly ;) Its a powerful 12V electric pump to inflate your SUP or drop-stich mats. Set the required PSI and the pump will inflate said SUP and stop automatically. Key Features: Powerful, high-volume AC 12V/DC Adjustable from 1 to 20 PSI Quickly, easily inflates/deflates SUP’s and Drop-Stitch mats…
OBrien Team Black Green Hoody OBrien OBrien Team Black Green Hoody
7 in stock
O'Brien Team Black Green Hoody A great looking hoody, with O'Brien logo in green, to wera on the boat or shore. Cozy! Key Features:
Obrien Combo Trainer Rope OBrien Obrien Combo Trainer Rope
2 in stock
O' Bbrien Combo Trainer Rope A training rope for teaching both adults and children how to water ski. The specially designed handle is designed to keep both handle will help keep the combo water skis parallel, when being pulled out of the water. Key Features: 70' mainline with five sections 16 strand, 40 filament poly rope Crossbar Detachable mainline
OBrien HZ2 Wakesurfer 2018 OBrien OBrien HZ2 Wakesurfer 2018 save
Website 25% Discount
1 in stock
OBrien HZ2 Wakesurfer 2018 An expoly resin made wakesurfer for fun behind the boat! Key Features: Length:144.78cm Width: 54.6cm Volume: 17.15 L Rider weight:140-220lbs
OBrien Junior Vortex Combo Water Skis 600 RT Bindings OBrien OBrien Junior Vortex Combo Water Skis 600 RT Bindings
1 in stock
O'Brien Junior Vortex Combo Water Skis 600 RT Bindings The junior version of the adult Vortex, with stabalising bar included to help keep the skis on track. Wide body aids 'deep water starts' and the smooth 3 stage rocker giving incredible carving ability and pop to get you across both wakes in fine form. The addition of the plastic fin gives the ski that added traction through the turn’s key for…
OBrien OB 2.5 Electric Pump OBrien OBrien OB 2.5 Electric Pump
2 in stock
Obrien OB 2.5 Electric Pump The Obrien 2.5 electric pump is the fastest pump for getting you out on the water. The kink proof hose and variety of nozzles are perfect for all your inflatable’s.
OBrien Platform Red Water Ski Trainer OBrien OBrien Platform Red Water Ski Trainer
2 in stock
O'Brien Platform Trainer The O'Brien Platform water ski trainer is designed to get the kids water skiing at an early age. The bamboo construction provides a platform that can take children up to the weight of 85lbs, so O'Brien say. Its overall length is 46" ideal for getting started. The package includes rope and handle, so get those kids water skiing! Key Features: Length 46" Rope and handle Weig…


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