O'Neill is a well known name for producing quality wetsuits since 1952. Jack O'Neill opened his first surf shop in Santa Cruz, California producing the very first wetsuit design. O'Neill now keeps keen water sport enthusiasts warm and comfortable in many far flung places, holding the title for the largest supplier of wetsuits around the world. O'Neill is constantly evolving their designs and innovative construction methods to produce the best lightweight and warmest wetsuits on the market. One recent innovation to hit the market by storm is Techno Butter technology which is 17% lighter and 30% less absorbent than traditional wetsuits.

As a nationally recognised centre for O'Neill here at Tallington Lakes we offer a great range of wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods. Whether you're surfing in winter or wakeboarding in the summer we have all the gear to keep you comfortable. Ever experienced brain freeze in those winter months whilst in the water? Why not keep toasty with some proper gear. Our excellent range of gear will help us choose that perfect suit and accessories tailored to suit any of your needs.

An important factor to consider when buying a wetsuit is getting that perfect size, one that hugs your body shape helping to keep your warm, comfortable and protected. If you're unsure and need some help either refer to our size guide for O'Neill wetsuits or give us a call where our experienced staff will help your pick that perfect wetsuit.

Winter or Summer Wetsuit

Selecting the thickness of you wetsuit is always a daunting prospect with many people choosing one of two extremes; either too thick or too thin giving an uncomfortable experience! Summer wetsuits can range from 1/2mm vests and shorty wetsuits to 3/2mm maybe 4/3mm for those windy days. Whereas for you dedicated enthusiasts added warmth is key in the winter months with thicknesses ranging from 4/3mm to 6/5mm and the ability to wear gloves, hoods and boots for that additional protection. Still unsure? Below the product descriptions is the appropriate water temperature range for that specific suit thickness.

If you have any more questions about matching yourself to that perfect wetsuit just call 01778381153.

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