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The roots of knee boarding can be traced back to southern California where numerous surfboard enthusiasts tried using homemade knee and belly boards behind boats some 35 years ago. Designs have evolved enormously with initial shapes resembling tear drops and flat bottoms but now top water ski producers have designed some highly technical boards, specifically shaped for performance.

Here at Tallington Lakes we have experienced an increase in the popularity of knee boarding and now offer our best range yet. Through personal experience and trade shows our new selection of kneeboards have been individually selected to provide the best range to suit all abilities whether you’re looking at performing some radical aerials or learning the sport. Our experienced staff are here to help catering all your needs and you also have the ability to test out your new purchase on either 2 of our half mile spring fed lakes.

If you have any more questions about matching yourself to that perfect kneeboard just call 01778381153.

HO Joker Kneeboard Powerlock Strap 2022 HO Joker Kneeboard Powerlock Strap 2022
2 in stock
HO Joker Kneeboard Powerlock Strap 2022 The Joker kneeboard was first designed in 1994 by Tony Klarich who mastered in the sport. 15 years later, various improvements have been made in order to boost its freestyle capability and performance. This board is perfectly suitable for beginners, although the serious shredders will still easily clear wake-to-wake. Its two stage rocker design and proven hi…
OBrien Black Magic Kneeboard 2022 OBrien OBrien Black Magic Kneeboard 2022
1 in stock
OBrien Black Magic Kneeboard 2022 OBrien's Black Magic is the best all-rounder kneeboard out there. The cable-actuated retractable fin system, which adjusts the boards performance when riding, and Aquatic Hook make this the perfect board for successfully teaching kids and beginners alike the finer points of deep-water starts with ease. The dual density EVA pad provides soft cushioning for your kne…
OBrien Freeboard V2 Kneeboard 2022 OBrien OBrien Freeboard V2 Kneeboard 2022
2 in stock
OBrien Freeboard V2 Kneeboard
OBrien Kneeboard Bag OBrien OBrien Kneeboard Bag
1 in stock
O'Brien Kneeboard Bag Do you travel much with your kneeboard or are just looking for that storage protection look no further than the O'Brien Kneeboard Case. It’s constructed with heavy duty polyester ensuring a long lasting product yet providing excellent protection for your kneeboard. Its full length zip ensures entry and exit is simple and its comfortable padded handle makes carrying your kneeb…
OBrien Sozo Kneeboard 2022 OBrien OBrien Sozo Kneeboard 2022
1 in stock
OBrien Sozo Kneeboard 2022
HO Panno Shock Kneeboard Seat HO HO Panno Shock Kneeboard Seat
4 in stock
HO Panno Shock Kneeboard Seat The Panno Shock is an inflatable kneeboard seat which should fit any rider. The seat will cushion and relieve pressure on the ankles, knees and lower-back. Ajustable so should fit most riders and kneeboards. Key Features: Inflatable Compact Shock System Adjustable strap Silicon ink for grip Fits all kneeboards
HO Pannolock Double Lock Kneeboard Strap HO HO Pannolock Double Lock Kneeboard Strap
3 in stock
Pannolock Kneeboard Strap The Pannolock strap is a double-locking kneeboard strap with thick webbing design to lock you in and very durable! Key Features: Thick Webbing Design One Size Great Choice for Top Riders
HO Powerlock Single Lock Kneeboard Strap HO HO Powerlock Single Lock Kneeboard Strap
1 in stock
HO Powerlock Kneeboard Strap The Powerlock strap is a single-locking kneeboard strap. It’s soft padding strap make for comfortable rides with an intuitive design for all ability levels. Key Features: One Size Great For All Abilities Soft Padding
HO Electron Powerstrap Blue Kneeboard HO HO Electron Powerstrap Blue Kneeboard
1 in stock
HO Electron Kneeboard Powerlock Strap Are you looking for that well price entry level kneeboard to get you started? The HO Electron is sure to get you excited! This is the best kneeboard to help turn keen enthusiasts into wake jumping legends. This kneeboard is aimed at the ‘beginner’ level rider with the combination of shallow fins and handle hook to help with those deep water starts. The board s…


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