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Wakeskates & Wakesurfers

Wakesurfing is becoming more and more popular with the water sports following and as such we are currently stocking some of the best gear to cater for those looking to mix it up on the wake. We stock wake surf boards from Liquid Force and Hyperlite from beginners boards right up to advanced. There is nothing better than chilling behind a boat weaving your board along the wake! We are always happy to help if what you are looking for is not currently in stock.

Wakeskating looks like the love child of skateboarding and wakeboarding, could you have guessed by the name 'wake' and 'skate'. This sport is super technical and the tricks are mainly influenced by skateboarding, whether performed off the wake (behind a boat) or specially constructed parks using a cable system. The boards are made from compression-moulded foam or maple in most cases and topped with either EVA foam of grip tape used in conjunction with shoes. One of the similarities to skateboarding is the concave in the board for maximum pop and control off the wake.

Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurfer 2019 Hyperlite Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurfer 2019
2 in stock
Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurfer 2019 This board will broadcast you into the spotlight of wakesurfing! Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate; it has benefits for both capabilities! The Broadcast board has been Hyperlites best seller since 2017 and with various improvements made on the design each year, this wakesurf is a must! The board features a dual concave base and a new minimal rocker l…
OBrien Royale Wakesurfer 2019 OBrien OBrien Royale Wakesurfer 2019
1 in stock
O'Brien Royale Wakesurfer 2019 Suitable for beginners or advanced riders who want a mellow cruise behind the boat! Suitable for those who can only produce a 'small wake' - size doesn't matter! Or if you've gained a few pounds - size does matter! This wakesurfer will deliver. Durable and light-weight it a great wakesurfer to have in your bag-of-tricks! Key Features: Length 160cm / 63" Width 54.6cm…
OBrien Space Dust Wakesurfer 2019 OBrien OBrien Space Dust Wakesurfer 2019
1 in stock
O'Brien Space Dust Wakesurfer 2019 This wakesurfer comes under the 'skimmer' category; and is aimed at those starting their wakesurfing journey - to infinity and beyound! Affordable too, there is not excuse not to get out the back of your boat! Key Features: Length 132.08cm / 52" Width 52.83cm / 20.8 Volume 9.8 Liters Rider Weight up to 200 lbs Fins (1) PAC 1.1
Ronix Sprocket Black Wakesurfer 2019 Ronix Ronix Sprocket Black Wakesurfer 2019
1 in stock
Are you ready to take your wakesurfing skill to the next level? The Ronix Potbelly Rocket is one of their most popular boards to date and this board has combined the rockets design with that of a skim board – aka the Sprocket! This must be the most aesthetically pleasing board to ever come out of Ronix’s locker with its slick stealth like design. This new creation comes with a sharper rail, bevel…
Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer 2018 Liquid Force Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer 2018 save
Website 25% Discount
1 in stock
Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer The Liquid Force Happy Pill is certainly something everyone will soon be addicted to! This greatly versatile board is perfect for more advanced riders wanting to try out new tricks or show off, but it is also great for beginners looking to get their feet on the water. Whether you have a more mellow riding style or want to be more aggressive then this board has it…
Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer 2018 Ronix Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer 2018 save
Website 25% Discount
1 in stock
Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer 2018 Koal defined- a beautiful soul. Loved by many and brighten a room. Attentive and handsome, inside and out. Well doesn’t that sound magical?! Everything you could possibly want from a board summed up in one word. This Ronix Koal Classic longboard makes riding effortless being their most stable board and easy to turn it brings a whole new meaning to the s…
Ronix Koal Technora Powertail Wakesurfer 2017 Ronix Ronix Koal Technora Powertail Wakesurfer 2017 save
Website 30% Discount
1 in stock
Ronix Koal Technora Powertail Wakesurfer 2017 The Ronix Koal Powertail+ wakesurfer has a new design profile with a thinner nose to provide solid contact with the water and a thicker centre to give the board more volume so that the board rides higher in the water. This also gives more drive up the wake for bigger air time and an easier and faster ride on smaller wakes. Key Features: Machined EVA co…


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