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Here at Tallington Lakes we offer a great range of towable inflatable tubes. We stock a mix of Connelly and O'Brien tubes to suit a range of abilities and ages. If you like adrenaline filled days out on the lake, these are the products for you, from the single rider O'Brien Duo Screamer to the 4 person Connelly CS300 to tow behind your boat.

Our tubes are handpicked through a variety of staff experiences (yes we do get out on the water occasionally) to include new and upcoming innovative tube designs.

If you have any questions as to which tube is best for you and your needs just call 01778381153.

HO Rad 3 Inflatable Disc Tube HO HO Rad 3 Inflatable Disc Tube
1 in stock
HO Rad 3ft Inflatable Disc Tube How radical is this inflatable tube! Ideal for messing around on the water. The Round Aquatic Device (RAD) can be towed behind your boat for hours of spherical fun. This one is three foot in diameter; when inflated. The primary colours give it a retro look, for what was an old school way of having fun before wakeboarding was invented. Key Features: Three sizes 3', 4…
HO Rad 4 Inflatable Disc Tube HO HO Rad 4 Inflatable Disc Tube
1 in stock
HO Rad 4ft Inflatable Disc Tube The RAD inflatable is an incredibly ingenious invention inspired by those in the 1950s that loved to ride behind boats on a simple homemade wooden disc! Fun for all the family, the RAD is perfect for those summer days spent out on the lake or sea; you can use it to catch those sun rays in the swimming pool too! The RAD can be ridden in various different positions fr…
Radar Chase 2 Towable Inflatable Tube Radar Radar Chase 2 Towable Inflatable Tube
3 in stock
Radar The Chase Lounge 2 Person Blue Towable Inflatable Tube The Chase Lounge towable inflatable has a high backrest and neoprene seat; so you are nice an comfy while you are bombing across the water. There are cup holders and a cooler (ice is not included) but depending on the boat driver I'm not sure whether you will spill a drop! And you can be towed both ways - what more can you ask for! The i…
OBrien Shockball OBrien OBrien Shockball
2 in stock
O'Brien Shockball Tube This add-on will keep your towable inftable tow rope out the water, which will reduce drag, and less drag means better fuel economy. It also helps with turns and slides. The oval shape helps absorb shock on rope too! Key Features: Up to 4 rider tubes 60ft tow rope 41″ x 22″ (Deflated) Lighting valve for rapid inflation.
OBrien ST 12V SUP Inflator OBrien OBrien ST 12V SUP Inflator
5 in stock
O'Brien ST-782 12V iSUP Inflator A great electric pump to rival the Titan hand pump; but not so eco-firendly ;) Its a powerful 12V electric pump to inflate your SUP or drop-stich mats. Set the required PSI and the pump will inflate said SUP and stop automatically. Key Features: Powerful, high-volume AC 12V/DC Adjustable from 1 to 20 PSI Quickly, easily inflates/deflates SUP’s and Drop-Stitch mats…
OBrien OB 2.5 Electric Pump OBrien OBrien OB 2.5 Electric Pump
2 in stock
Obrien OB 2.5 Electric Pump The Obrien 2.5 electric pump is the fastest pump for getting you out on the water. The kink proof hose and variety of nozzles are perfect for all your inflatable’s.
Bravo 4 Double Action Pump Inflator Bravo 4 Double Action Pump Inflator
5 in stock
Bravo 4 Double Action Stirrup Pump Inflator Suitable to inflate rubber boats, air rings, inflatable mattresses, toys and other items. Inflating and deflating action. Key Features: Double action Hose Nozzel selection


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