Can I change the foot-bed/insole of my boot?

Head, Atomic and Salomon boots all come with a fairly basic foot-bed. These foot-beds are fine, they do the job there intended for, however they have little or no shape to them. This is purely so they will fit all different types of foot shapes.

However, in answer to the question yes you can upgrade your foot-beds; especially if your feet are painful in your boots, you’re getting cold feet, aiding an injury, comfort or wanting more support which will help improve your skiing ability.

superfeet red hot insole
Trim-to-fit Superfeet insole!

You can choose from a “trim to fit” foot –bed from SuperFeet; which is a factory formed shape which gives you a great hold and support straight out of the box. They are so confident that they offer a 60 day comfort guarantee!

Or you can go down the path of a “custom” foot-beds from Sidas. We are one of the professional stores in the UK that do Sidas custom foot-beds. The beauty of a custom foot-bed is that they are completely CUSTOM! We shape the foot-bed to the exact shape of your foot, whether you have completely flat feet or arches like the Humber Bridge!

When we create custom foot-beds, we increase the contact area of the foot by spreading pressure across the whole foot; to ultimately reduce fatigue when skiing and increase the comfort of the boot. This also helps stabilise the foot, when your boot is rolling from edge to edge of the ski, helping to improve your form!



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