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Oakley Crossrange Sunglasses Review

When it comes to a pair of sunglasses that are suitable for both lifestyle and active wear, Oakley have got it right. The Oakley Crossrange sunglasses aren’t a hybrid. Theses shades come with two sets of nose pads and temples, or arms (the bit that extends over the ear to help keep the sunglasses in place), to suit the conditions/mood you are wearing them in!

Oakley has a video of some cheeky hipsters, including Chas Christiansen, riding bicycles to show the versatility of these sunglasses, however, I chose to wear them:
Lifestyle – attending a Game and Country Fair
Active – walking in the Derbyshire Peak District

Lifestyle Sunglasses

The lifestyle nose pad and temples were extremely comfortable; and made the shades easy to take off and put back on, as you walked in and out of marquees and the sun. Certainly did the job, and didn’t look out of place –hipster!

Active Sunglasses

You immediately felt the active nose pad and temples get into position, when putting them on, giving you confidence that they would not be slipping out of place; thanks to the grippy nose pads and earsocks. These are made from Oakley’s ‘Unobtanium’; a patented Oakley material that becomes tacky when wet/or you sweat and holds the frame in perfect optical alignment. 

OK walking in the Peak District may not be classed as extreme, but we were keeping up a healthy pace, along undulating terrain (including a bit of scrambling). It was a warm day, so perspiration was building up, yet the sunglasses did not move. Once again extremely comfortable and I was confident they were not going to fall off!

oakley crossrange sunglasses


The Crossrange comes in three styles: the Crossrange, Crossrange XL, and the Crossrange R (coming soon). All are made to Oakley’s exceptionally high standards, and seeing-is-believing with these ‘High Definition Optics’. The Crossrange XL, as its name implies is for a larger face, with a lens height of 46.7mm; compared to 46.1mm and 43mm  for the Crossrange R and Crossrange. The temples and bridge are identical on all three: 137mm and 17mm respectively.

The mechanism to swap the nose pads or temples is very simple to use, yet secure, but not designed to be change mid-activity!

Prizm Lenses

Oakley is moving towards Prizm lenses in all their sunglasses, following the success of Prizm in goggles. The lenses are designed for different environment such as: Everyday, Sport – Road, Golf, Trail, Deep Water, Snow etc.

However, as I found, although designed for a particular environment they are equally effective outside of that environment. Back to my stroll around a Country Fair and walk in the Peak District; the Prizm Sapphire Snow lenses performed outstandingly without a flake of snow in sight! Obviously I will update this blog once I have experienced them in the snow; but for now, as ever, Oakley have designed another excellent pair of sunglasses….




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Oakley Fuel Cell Prizm Deep Water Polarised Sunglasses Review

If you are wondering what the new Oakley Prizm Deep Blue Polarised lens is like then look no further. We were lucky enough to try a pair of Fuel Cell’s with the Prizm Deep Water Polarised lens out at the Waterski and Wakeboard School.

Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

The Fuel Cell design has been around for a while. The frames have an wrap-around athletic feel, for full eye protection, whilst looking good for day-to-day wearing. The lightweight O Matter gives the glasses all day comfort and makes them durable. The unique Oakley Three-Point Fit ensures the glass frames only make contact with the bridge of your nose and behind the temple.

The Fuel Cell frame dimensions from Oakley are as follow:
Lens Width 60mm
Bridge Width 19mm
Lens Height 40mm
Temple Arm Length 130mm

So if you know your face dimensions you’ll know if they fit, if not why not pop in store to try them out?

Oakley Prizm Deep Water Polarised Lens

The  Prizm Deep Water Polarised Lenses are perfect for use out on the water as well as walking around on land; unlike the ‘Shallow Water’ version which assumes you are under a canopy and therefore not as dark. Deep Water Prizm technology provide superior control of light transmission; where colours are manipulated to maximise contrast and enhance visibility, for those on the water, by filtering out the blue and enhancing the greens and reds. The Oakley Polaroid technology filters out 99% of reflective glare and haze, which can be a problem when looking at water, to improve clarity further and reduce eye strain from squinting.

As I was wearing them driving the water ski slalom course the water became a dark grey colour with the buoy colours popping into the forefront of my vision. This function not only works when the sun is bright, but also when there is a grey sky overhead. Which is perfect for our ‘British Summers’.

Looking into calm, flat water you almost lose the surface completely; it’s like putting your face into the water with goggles on! When the water was choppy or frequent ripples you could still see colours and outlines of objects deep down.

I don’t usually wear sunglasses because I become aware I’m wearing them and they then feel uncomfortable. These glasses are the complete opposite. I found I could wear them all day and forget they are on my face because your vision isn’t impaired by them in any way.

Thanks Stephen (Water Ski & Wakeboard Boat Driver)

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Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses Review

Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses are just a bit tasty! Customer review.

I recently purchased some Oakley Jawbreakers from Tallington Lakes Pro Shop. They are an out and out sports eyewear piece. There’s no way they could ever look good as fashion eyewear, so don’t even think about buying them as a cross over. Don’t be that guy!

Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

The styling is pretty funky and gives really nice shelf appeal. A great range of colours that will leave you torn with the right decision. (I spent a fair amount of time in Tallington Lakes Pro Shop annoying the team, switching glasses in the mirror). The style in no way compromises the function, that’s important. They’ve managed to create a cool looking eyepiece centred on a really solid performance criteria.

I usually race the bike section of a triathlon wearing a helmet with built-in visor. I never tend to bother with glasses any other time as I “know I am wearing them”!  That’s my issue, anything that I’m consciously wearing annoys me. I bought the glasses reluctantly as I was undertaking a desert run, no glasses would be suicidally crazy! I thought I’d give them a whirl on my long Sunday bike ride. They felt like I was wearing the visor, because I had massive field of vision, Oakley’s standard and incredible visual clarity, comfortable and ergonomically designed. The adjustable arms did nothing for me in the shop, I felt it was just something to break and a potential weakness in the design. Actually they were immediately useful. I had them on the smallest setting when running. They fit perfectly, When I went out on the ride I had them on their maximum limit. It held them more securely in my helmet and gave me the confidence that I wasn’t going to loose my lovely looking new purchase, or be forking out for new lenses once I’d lost them to the tarmac.

oakley jawbreaker white prizm road sunglasses
These Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses have the Prizm Road lens.

The lens popped out incredibly easy, if I wanted. It is painfully simple and really obvious. It feels robust and trustworthy. I’ve worked for Oakley retailers in the past, you dread that moment when a customer asks “so how does that lens swap over then”? Once you’ve worked with them for a while its not a drama. You did however see the Saturday boy fill with fear and look for you to step in when confronted with the same request. With the Jawbreaker this isn’t/shouldn’t be the case. It’s very simple. I say the system is obvious, but unlike previous models once you’re wearing them its not entirely obvious to everyone in the world that the lens has the capacity to be changed. The usual strategy of sticking a giant lever on the glasses was always fairly crude and ugly, this system is way more refined.

My old glasses let you know you were wearing them. Your peripheral vision was constantly reminded about the perimeter of the glasses. These have no such issue. The field of vision was exceptional. If you want an out and out sports piece that will perform exceptionally well, these are my recommendation. Running or cycling, they’ve performed impeccably. I’m not traditionally a sunglass wearer! I just had to wait for the right product to come along, and the Oakley Jawbreaker was the one!

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Oakley Moonlighter Sunglasses Review

So what are the new Oakley Moonlighter sunglasses like? I had the good fortune to try a pair, with Frost frame and Sapphire Iridium lenses.

The Moonlighter’s are a perfect mix of the retro late 80s style, with modern Oakley technology. The frosted frames are not only a cute colour combo with the sapphire coloured lenses, but they are incredibly durable and lightweight due to their stress-resistant O Matter frame material. Comfort and performance is important to Oakley, so they have a unique Three-Point Fit design that holds lenses in precise optical alignment, while their Unobtanium nose pads ensure a snug, and secure fit.

The Sapphire Iridium lens add a cute and bright ‘pop’ of colour to your day, at the same time they protect your eyes from UVs with Plutonite lens material, which filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm. And, like all Oakley eyewear The Moonlighters include High Definition Optics (HDO) which is a collection of patented technologies that allow Oakley eyewear to meet or exceed the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance.

The Moonlighters are designed for a petite face shape measuring at:
Lens Width53 mm
Bridge Width17 mm
Lens Height42 mm
Temple Arm Length139 mm

So if you know your face dimensions, you’ll know if they fit. Or you can pop in-store and try them on!

The more I wore them (and cheekily checked out my reflection) the more I liked them. They fit comfortably on my face, and they certainly made things clearer and reduced the glare/sun strike on our artificial slope. I think the only negative I have about the Frost Sapphire Iridium Moonlighters is that the lenses are not polarized, however, other styles have polarised lenses. Apart from that, I think these shades are pretty neat. And, if you’re someone who wants trend and functionality out of a pair of sunglasses, I would highly recommend you try these out! I mean, they’re cute, lightweight and durable… What more could you want?

Thanks Sammy (Snowboard and Climbing Instructor)


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Oakley Prizm Snow Goggle Lens

Oakley is renowned for their excellent technological heritage, extensive range, and high performance eyewear. Looking for a new snow goggle for this season? Consider the Oakley snow goggles which boast their new Prizm lens technology.

Prizm lenses are sport specific and work by dampening interfering light spectrums, as well as reducing the overall amount of total light. The result? Contours become clearer and sharper. Prizm technology is used across a wide variety of the Oakley sport specific glasses and goggles, the light spectrum is altered according to the sport in question.

Sound complicated? That’s because it is, hence 15 years of staged technological developments; the culmination being the 2014 release of Prizm. Take the white light which the slope reflects as an example. White light combines equal parts of the colour spectrum, yet our eye is particularly sensitive to the blue and orange light. Prizm filters the blue and orange light, enhancing them and thus ensuring that the rugged beauty of the slope is clearer; fantastic news for every skier/snowboarder. With Prizm technology, by tackling low-lighting and the dangers inherent in the natural contours of the mountainside, your reactions increase with your visual confidence ensuring that you become a safer and more effective rider.

Prizm ensures that the practical benefits of wearing goggles are maintained with the additional benefit of excellent vision. And if these are not factors which entice you, Prizm lenses are proven to reduce eye fatigue ensuring you are able to ski/snowboard as long as you want.

These lenses will revolutionise your experience on the slopes, as well as reinforcing Oakley’s brand reputation. Prizm means clarity, no fatigue, and photographic visuals which will keep you coming back to the snow for more. Oakley has conquered a 15 year struggle, finessing the untameable light wavelengths ensuring these lenses are the best on the market.

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